LEGO November 2014 Monthly Mini Build

Today was the November 2014 Monthly Mini Build event at LEGO Stores. For this month’s build, it was a cool-looking Rocket (40103). Not only you get the aircraft, you also got the build the launching pad and tower as well as the command center building. There are 47 pieces in the build itself and also some leftover pieces. If you were able to get one of the Rocket (40103) sets, it makes a nice display piece.

LEGO November 2014 Monthly Mini Build - Rocket (40103)

LEGO November 2014 Monthly Mini Build - Rocket (40103) LEGO November 2014 Monthly Mini Build - Rocket (40103)

For the December 2014 Monthly Mini Build, it will be a Christmas-themed build with a mini Gingerbread House. Although it doesn’t show on the December 2014 LEGO Store Calendar, it will be held on December 2nd at 5pm local time.

LEGO December 2014 Monthly Mini Build

You may have noticed that the mini builds haven’t been listed on the store calendar for last two months of the year. From what I’ve been hearing from different sources, the December 2014 Mini Build will be the last one for the foreseeable future. From what’s been said, LEGO has no plans on bringing it back in 2015 and there’s no word if anything will be replacing the mini builds or not.

Obviously, this is a little disappointing because many kids as well as adults do look forward to the events every month. It was a fun way for people who go to the events every month to catch up with each other while the kids are building. Next month’s Gingerbread House could be the very last Monthly Mini Build ever so if you want to get one, head … Continue