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LEGO Seasonal Christmas 2015 Sets Now Available on Shop@Home

LEGO Seasonal Winter Fun (40124)

If you don’t live by a LEGO Store and you collect the LEGO Seasonal sets, the new Christmas ones are now available on Shop@Home including Winter Fun (40124)icon and Santa’s Visit (40125)icon. Both sets are $9.99 each and they are very popular and usually sell out rather quickly both online and in stores. If you want them, I suggest purchasing them soon. If you haven’t seen yet, I’ve already done reviews of both sets if you want to check them out.

LEGO Seasonal Santa's Visit (40125)


LEGO Seasonal Santa’s Visit (40125) Review

LEGO Seasonal Santa's Visit (40125)

Along with the LEGO Seasonal Winter Fun (40124) set, my LEGO Store also had the other Christmas set available, Santa’s Visit (40125). This set has 167 pieces and also retails for $9.99 just like all the other Seasonal sets. The contents of the box include three un-numbered bags, two loose 4×8 tan plates, and the instruction booklet.

LEGO Seasonal Santa's Visit (40125)


LEGO Seasonal Christmas 2015 Sets Revealed

LEGO Seasonal Christmas 2015

A member of AFOLs of Facebook has posted an image from the back cover of the LEGO Seasonal Thanksgiving Feast (40123) instructions which shows the upcoming LEGO Seasonal Christmas 2015 sets. The image shows the Winter Fun (40124) set on the left and Santa’s Visit (40125) on the right.

Winter Fun shows an outdoor vignette scene in front of a house and includes 2 minifigures, a husky, and a snowmobile.

Santa’s Visit goes back indoors at a living room fireplace and it includes Santa and a Christmas tree.

There have been numerous reports that the Thanksgiving Feast (40123) set is now available at LEGO Stores. The set will also be on Shop@Home on October 1st.


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