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The Brick Fan T-Shirt Now Available on Teespring

The Brick Fan T-Shirt

Quite a few of you readers have asked for this and if you follow my Twitter or Instagram, you may have seen a teaser for this a few days ago. After six years of running the site, I have officially launched my first piece of merchandise for The Brick Fan with a t-shirt over on Teespring. I’ve always felt reluctant to selling stuff for my site but I felt this was a good time as any to sell a t-shirt. I’ve priced it at $14.99 for the US and £12.99 for the EU and there are a number of different colors you are able to choose from. I’ve already ordered three shirts for myself before I launched this campaign to test out the shirts and they actually feel pretty good.

I’ve added a new “Merchandise” tab on the top of the menu to access the Teespring storefront so you can go there any time if you want to get a shirt or you can go there directly with this link. For now, I just have the shirt available but if you want any additional items, leave it in the comments below and I may decide to add them later on in the future.

As always, I do appreciate everyone who reads this site and I’ve had a great time putting out posts for you on a daily basis (most of the time). You do not have to purchase a shirt if you don’t want to but any purchases go back towards the site … Continue

LEGO Ouch T-Shirt Available on TeeFury

TeeFuryicon has a new LEGO t-shirt available today for 24 hours called Ouch. It’s the same expression that you make when you accidentally step on a LEGO brick. The shirt is available in red and the word is in the LEGO font. The shirt starts at $11 but you can save 30% with the coupon code FURY30.


The LEGO Movie/Tron T-Shirt on TeeFury

TeeFury LEGO Emmet Tron

Continuing with LEGO t-shirts for today, there’s a brand new one on TeeFury which features a mash-up of The LEGO Movie’s Emmet with Tron called Emmetron by DJKopet. The shirt comes in navy blue, black, or charcoal and is priced starting at $11. Fans of both movies will surely like the design of it. As of this writing, there’s about 8 hours left to purchase the shirt.


LEGO Science Themed T-Shirt on ShirtPunch

If you missed out on the Bill Nye/Neil deGrasse Tyson LEGO minifigure t-shirt a few months ago, there’s now another chance to purchase it on ShirtPunch. The shirt features two very respected men in the field of science and they are immortalized as minifigs in this returning t-shirt. It only comes in navy blue but sizes start at $10 which is a little cheaper than the previous one.


Second Chance at LEGO Classic Space/Star Wars T-Shirt from Unamee

If you missed out on the above LEGO themed t-shirt last year, Unamee has given you a second chance to pick it up. The design of the 1980-Something Falcon by Samuri Ferret has the LEGO Classic Space style but with the Millennium Falcon flying around the second Death Star.

The shirt goes for $11 and comes in black, navy, or chestnut. Unlike many other shirt sites that only last for a day, Unamee’s shirts last for a whole week.


Block Party LEGO Shirt Collection on TeeFury

Our friends over at TeeFury is having a Block Party and there is a large collection of LEGO themed t-shirts available for purchase. There are 16 designs to choose from and the promotion ends next Monday, February 16. Below are just some of the designs that are available starting today. The only thing that’s unique about this promo is that the shirts won’t be printed until the promo ends next week so you’ll be getting the shirts a little later than usual if you’ve purchased from TeeFury before.


LEGO Themed T-Shirts on Ript Apparel

Ript Apparel today has two different LEGO themed t-shirts for sale for 24 hours. The first on, seen above, is Autoblocks by MEKAZOO. It’s the Transformers Optimus Prime building his vehicle mode with LEGO bricks.

The second shirt is a little darker and is based on The Walking Dead TV show with the famous words “Don’t Open, Dead Inside” painted on the hospital doors. The t-shirt is called The Walking Bricks by Moysche and it has the words “Don’t Open, Bricks Inside” with zombie minifigure arms reaching out.

Both t-shirt are available at Ript Apparel for 24 hours and they start at $10 each.

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