The LEGO Batman Movie 2018 Official Set Images

The LEGO Batman Movie The Bat-Space Shuttle (70923)

There are now official images of the next wave of The LEGO Batman Movie sets. We’ve already seen some of the sets in The LEGO Batman Movie: The Making of the Movie book but we now get to seen them as we normally would. There are five new sets along with another wave of Collectible Minifigures (71020). All of the sets will be available starting in January.

The Bat-Dune Buggy (70918)

-Captain Boomerang

The LEGO Batman Movie The Bat-Dune Buggy (70918)

The Justice League Anniversary Party (70919)

-El Dorado
-Green Arrow
-Wonder Dog

The LEGO Batman Movie The Justice League Anniversary Party (70919)

Egghead Mech Food Fight (70920)

-Condiment King

The LEGO Batman Movie The Egghead Mach Food Fight (70920)

Harley Quinn Cannonball Attack (70921)

-Crazy Quilt
-Gentleman Ghost
-Harley Quinn

The LEGO Batman Movie Harley Quinn Cannonball Attack (70921)

The Bat-Space Shuttle (70923)

-Batman (Firestarter Suit)
-Batman (Space Suit)
-Dick Grayson
-Reggae Man

The LEGO Batman Movie The Bat-Space Shuttle (70923)

  • Matt Bailey

    So many unique figures!!!!! I mean, 3 more Batmans, but WAY more awesome stuff! Between these and the blind bags TLG owns my finances in January.

  • David4

    I like how some of the Batman sets don’t have a Batman, like LEGO released ‘You should have 10 Batmans by now!’ and just skipped it.

    I’m more curious to the sets’ prices. Some of the older sets were ‘that’s neat’, but the price pushed me away.

    The designs here are very nice though. Harley Quinn’s truck is really beautiful. The mech is eggy and has a cool vibe to it.

    • Purple Dave

      Oddly, none of them have Robin. I mean, I suppose the idea is that you can have him try on the batsuits, but he only wore two of the three in that set.

      Of all the Batman/DCS sets released over the years, if you exclude sets with no minifigs, polybags in general, and sets that didn’t focus on characters from Gotham, I can only think of a couple that didn’t have a Batman minifig. LEGO Batman had the Penguin Sub set with the revised Robin, and the first wave of TLBM had the Catwoman set and the Lowrider, but I think that may be it up until now. Not that I would ever complain about it, but I really wouldn’t mind less repeats of the four head-variants of the standard black TLBM Batman and more of the crazy batsuits.

  • colby ostrin

    Super cool!

  • Ichabod McCallister

    I’m really surprised these many sets have come out. I guess the movie was successful, but when these sets come out, it’ll be nearly a year old. But hey, if they sell, they sell, but most of the ones I’ve seen went on a pretty steep discount shortly after they were released.

    • Purple Dave

      The early releases from the first wave are days shy of being one year old, the the rest of the first wave will turn a year old on the day this batch is released, and the movie is only about ten years old. This wave of sets was probably already in development when Wave 2 launched. Unless the first wave had totally tanked right out of the gate, it’s still probably a bit too early to see the line cut short due to sales alone. Anyways, I still see kids (or their parents) buying TLBM sets, so there’s still some life left.

      • Ichabod McCallister

        I’m not saying there isn’t life, I’m just really surprised. I think the LEGO movie didn’t have this many sets, and it wasn’t even a licensed property.

        • Purple Dave

          Actually…it looks like TLM is co-owned by The LEGO Group and WBEI, so it’s probably quasi-licensed or something. And remember, it’s Batman. Most popular superhero of all, and they rolled out the deepest range of villains we’ve ever seen. I think there are more villains available through TLBM sets than they’ve released in the entire Batman/DCS themes combined. One of the major failings of the original Batman theme was that Batman got updated each year but a lot of the villains were repeated and they were never updated. Now it looks like we’re going to be getting a fifth unique Harley Quinn just from TLBM (six if you count her civilian disguise).

  • Toonstrack

    Definitey getting the Anniversary party.

  • lorbaat

    I am super happy about a lot of this, but a little bummed that the new wave and CMF line have so few new Batsuits.

    Major bummers include taking the resources to make a Reggae Man headpiece, and Condiment King coming with stud shooters for his guns. Especially grey ones.

    But there is a lot to like here too, like not having more “standard” Batmen crammed into sets, or getting generic Superman/Wonder Woman/etc in the Anniversary Party. I’ll probably end up buying more of these than I thought now that I see the pics.

    • Purple Dave

      I’m actually thrilled about Reggae Man. I wanted to make Robin with the leggings, but found they didn’t actually exist yet. Now they do. I’m putting Robin in one of those Firestarter batsuits, too, and if I can figure out how to make Silent But Deadly or Clawed Reigns, he’ll get one of those as well. I’ve already put him in Excali-Bat, Winged Avenger (Bat-rishnikov), and Glam Bat.

      Wonder Woman appears to have been incorrectly reported as being part of the JL set. She’s not in the character list or the image above. Maybe she was mistaken for the dog on account of they share the same first name? Too bad. I _may_ have picked up a spare of the WW Dimensions pack, but otherwise I’m not sure if I have any spares left. Superman I was probably fine on, even though this one appears to have a new head with a goofy grin.

  • OhioBricker

    All I really care about in these is Wonder Dog–and I want about 40 of him. I’m glad it looks like he’s in one of the cheaper sets.

  • cc_gentlemanghost77

    Nice sets, but at least give credit to The Brothers Brick since they’ve posted it first. You’re kind of upset when others don’t credit you, so why not follow the Golden Rule? Peace!

    • The Anonymous Hutt

      I’m pretty sure that neither of them needs to credit the other. The news is official; whoever sees it can post about it. It isn’t exclusive.

    • Purple Dave

      You only have to credit another site if you get your info from that site. If these are part of an official press package that The LEGO Company sent to multiple sites, being first to post just means your readers get to see them earlier, not that all the other sites owe you credit. If the images were submitted by a reader, more credit might be owed based on their source, but determining who that is can be difficult without watermarks.

  • John McLaughlin

    The nice thing about this is that with them finally making Hawkgirl we now have the complete cartoon version of the Justice League, which of course happens to be my favorite

    • Purple Dave

      We do (I’ve been waiting for that for a few years now, since John Stewart was an easy custom as soon as the retail GL shipped), but the sad thing is that she looks _nothing_ like the JL/U Hawkgirl. What’s ironic about it is that, aside from not having an exact match on Batman’s logo, it’s really easy to get all of the other original team looking pretty much the way they did during the first two seasons. At this point, I think I’m pretty much giving up hope that we’ll ever see a true JL/U Hawkgirl. They’ve already made one version, and getting her right would mean having to make a second hawk helmet. But it’s better than nothing.

  • Gomek

    Did we really need a Bat Space shuttle?

    • The Anonymous Hutt

      Did we really need a bat-kayak?


  • Bongo Beans

    The only one I’m eggcited for is 70920.

  • Jason Adam