The LEGO Batman Movie Wave 2 Collectible Minifigures (71020) List

The LEGO Batman Movie Justice League Anniversary Party

A few months back, there were rumors of a second wave of The LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigures (71020) and it looks like we now know who will be included in this wave of 20. These minifigures should be hitting store shelves late this year, early next year. We’ll have to wait for LEGO to reveal the official images of them. One thing to note is that, there is only two variants of Batman in this wave.

Friends and Family Harley
Friends and Family Alfred
Clock King
Hugo Strange
Mermaid Batman
Swimming Pool Batman (With Dolphin)
Tropical Joker
Vacation Robin
Vacation Batgirl
Vacation Alfred
Soccer Mom Batgirl
Killer Moth
Apache Chief
General Zod
Doctor Phosphorus
Black Canary
Black Vulcan

**Via Eurobricks**

  • aaronrjenkins

    Would this be before a series of regular figures? Series 18 I guess

    • David4

      This comes out by January. May we see series 18 which is rumored to be a costume theme, and September is supposedly Harry Potter universe. (Base on the prequel series I can’t remember the name of.)

    • Cédric Luceau

      Like David wrote, Batman serie 2 comes in january, and the theme of the serie who will come in april is”party” 🙂

  • David4

    There is a picture on Instagram, username… margaret_bricks

    A weird series of figures, but I like it. As someone who loves the beach I love that vacation minifigures. They will look great in an MOC I have been planning forever.

    • Purple Dave

      I pulled up the pic, which shows something that the list of names largely ignores: the accessories!

      I’m guessing Clock King’s head is the first use of the old Gingerbread Man head that’s not a gingerbread man (still looks like it was intended to be an Oreo). Swimming Pool Batman looks like he might come with one of those red lifeguard floats, which is _really_ bizarre. Tropical/Vacation Joker has a regular ducky ring (no goofy eyes) that I’m sure will be crazy popular. Vacation Robin has a shirt (red short-sleeved with yellow robin pattern) that reminds me of something we see in the film…but I can’t place it. Batgirl has a Bat-surfboard that I suppose was unavoidable, but it still fills me with terror. Vacation Alfred kinda looks like he’s just broken out of jail. I think this is also the only time they’ve ever draped a pair of cherries in a wine goblet as part of an official set design. Soccer Mom Batgirl comes with a pair of 1×2 tiles with a new Bat-logo print, and her torso looks like it might have a “Batman Fan Club” print, like the t-shirts he shot out of his Bat-Merch gun at the orphanage. Killer Moth comes with the newer retro raygun that first appeared in S17. Jayna comes with a vinyl record and sleeve for Krypto to spin (?), while Jan comes with a bucket full of water. Neither comes with Gleek. Apache Chief comes with what appears to be a printed tile, but I can’t figure out what size it is or what image it has. Jor-El will be popular as he has the curlicue Superman hair in white, the shoulder armor that two Lex Luthor minifigs have worn in white, and a 1×1 round tile in white with a black “S” logo (and he appears to tower over the other TLBM2 characters due to using that stupid 2x2x2 slope as a skirt, probably combined with some screwy scale issues between the various images). Zod has the Doctor Who hair in black and what I’m thinking is a brand-new printed newspaper tile (yay!). Doctor Phosphorus has a pair of new old-style flame elements (the ones with the solid rim instead of two small pins), which _may_ be either trans-neon green or trans-bright green (really hard to tell from the photo of the one-sheet), and his body is either GitD or some similar really pale shade of green, like they tricked us with a few years ago with the Ninjago ghosts. Black Canary comes with a microphone and stand (don’t remember it from the movie, but it’s obviously meant to play into her superpower). Black Vulcan comes with a pair of the new lightning bolts in what appears to be trans-yellow (not sure if he has a new helmet, or if it’s a Flash repaint).

      • Purple Dave

        Whoops, I keep thinking that’s Krypto at the DJ table, but apparently Wonder Dog was from the original run of Superfriends (along with plainvanilla humans Wendy and Marvin). It’s the regular DC sets that come with Krypto next year.

  • Purple Dave

    Okay, so strictly speaking of the DC villains, the next Harley Quinn set is supposed to come with Crazy Quilt and Gentleman Ghost. The Egghead set also comes with Condiment King. The Dunebuggy comes with TLBM Captain Boomerang. And with this wave of CMFs giving us Clock King, Professor Strange, TLBM Killer Moth, TLBM General Zod, and Doctor Phosphorus, I believe that covers at least one version of every last DC villain seem in the movie.

    The Justice League/Superfriends doesn’t fare so well. Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter are all stock versions that we’ve already seen before. Cyborg just got one new variant with a third due out in January, so it’s not a shock that they skipped his TLBM outfit given the timing. Green Arrow has gotten two basic versions over three releases (even if all three were difficult and/or expensive to get your hands on), so again not a shock that they skipped his TLBM costume. Hawkman’s only release does not exactly match his TLBM costume, but I can’t fault them for skipping him if it helped guarantee us our first Hawkgirl instead. Between this and the JL set, we also pick up our first Black Canary, Wonder Twins, and non-Friends-ish Wonder Dog. And of the “racially insensitive” quartet from the old Superfriends show, the JL set will give us El Dorado, CMF will give us Apache Chief and Black Vulcan…and Samurai gets left out in the cold.

    Harley/Alfred are from the finale and, I believe, fill in the only major variants that those two characters were still missing (now they just need to fill in the several dozen other characters missing from that scene). Mer-Bat is one of the costumes from the Batcave, but the pool Batman (like the Glam Bat costume from TLBM1) is only ever seen in the SDCC trailer. It also means the Vacation Batman is completely made up for TLBM1, just as Tropical Joker and Vacation Robin/Batgirl/Alfred appear to be for TLBM2. I certainly don’t remember seeing any of them in the movie, and the best I was previously able to come up with for Vacation Batman was that trailer (on the plus side, it looks like he _might_ be wearing the Bat-speedo that we see when Batman is breaking into Arkham). Soccer Mom Batgirl is one of the alternate outfits that Batman shoots her with when giving her options for her first costume (still a few of those missing). And we get our second Jor-El, both movie-based.

    • Glyn Millett

      Doctor Phosphorus minifigure could also substitute as batman beyond blight

      • Purple Dave

        Blight wears a suit coat and pants (sans shirt, or else his energy renders it invisible). The head would certainly work, but I’m not sure what torso would match. It also doesn’t help that there’s no official Batman Beyond Batman for him to fight against.

    • Purple Dave

      Getting Krypto and Wonder Dog mixed up, apparently. This would then be the only Wonder Dog, while the next wave of regular DC sets is the one with the non-Friends-ish Krypto.

  • Glyn Millett

    I just might buy a full box instead so I can have a complete set and some doubles of my favourites then I can sell the rest I don’t care about

    • Purple Dave

      I bought full boxes of every wave from 2-10 (never found one for S1) including Team GB and a second box for S4. Mr. Gold just took the wind out of my sails, and the next wave that tempted me to buy a sealed case was S14 with the monsters. TLBM1, on the other hand, I bought out of sheer practicality, plus lots of extras (mostly the Arkham Joker). Not only did I want a full set sealed, plus a full set opened, but I also needed a display set of every minifig and another set of heads from all the villains which I used with the Arkham Jokers and some Arkham Catwomen to make Arkham inmates of every villain that I could. So basically I needed three complete sets right off the bat, plus enough extras that I’m probably well into a third case just by the quantity of extras I’ve bought. This one won’t be as bad, since there’s no Arkham Joker that I need dozens of, but it’s still going to hurt.

  • Thomas Lovecchio

    The only nitpick I have mostly is, Gleek not being included with any of the wonder twins….its the cost wise isnt it?

    • Purple Dave

      Gleek in the movie is shaped exactly like the chimp from S5 Zookeeper and S7 Jungle Boy, so there’s not a lot of cost involved. Additionally, this series appears to have one of the lowest quantity of new molds outside of a regional sports series (Team GB and the German soccer waves). Soccer Mom Batgirl has a new hood, but that’s the only obvious new shape. Black Vulcan may have a new helmet or he may use the original Flash helmet. Beyond that, everything we see could easily be made with existing molds. I mean, it’s all Chinese production, so they’ll probably have to make duplicates of around ten other molds, but the design work is already done, and one set of molds is already in the bag (new CMF molds always holds the possibility that they’ll want to port the shape to regular sets).

  • Guyon van Oers

    LEGO is pushing TLBM way too much

  • Toonstrack

    Im always ok with more Zod. But Black Canary? Was she even in the movie? Im very happy with this because we are also getting a new JLU Green Arrow with actual facial hair. So now I can have my favorite DC superhero and his wife/partner in crime? This has made my day!

    • Purple Dave

      Like Green Arrow, she’s only there for the JL party. If you pull up stills from the scene where Batman first realizes what they’re doing, she’s on the far left and fairly visible, while he’s way over on the right and usually hidden behind other characters.