The LEGO Batman Movie Justice League Anniversary Party

A few months back, there were rumors of a second wave of The LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigures (71020) and it looks like we now know who will be included in this wave of 20. These minifigures should be hitting store shelves late this year, early next year. We’ll have to wait for LEGO to reveal the official images of them. One thing to note is that, there is only two variants of Batman in this wave.

Friends and Family Harley
Friends and Family Alfred
Clock King
Hugo Strange
Mermaid Batman
Swimming Pool Batman (With Dolphin)
Tropical Joker
Vacation Robin
Vacation Batgirl
Vacation Alfred
Soccer Mom Batgirl
Killer Moth
Apache Chief
General Zod
Doctor Phosphorus
Black Canary
Black Vulcan

**Via Eurobricks**

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