The LEGO Batman Movie Bat Segway Teaser

A few hours ago, LEGO tweeted out a new picture of Batman from The LEGO Batman Movie riding a Bat Segway. This could be a teaser for the upcoming third wave of TLBM sets coming out in 2018. I’ve already talked about some of the rumored sets which may include the Bat-Buggy, Egghead Mech, Justice League Anniversary Party, Harley Quinn’s Attack, and the Bat-Spaceshuttle. The Bat Segway shown above could be part of one of these sets. Stay tuned as LEGO could do more teasers for the next wave of The LEGO Batman Movie sets.

  • David4

    The Bat-shuttle looks amazing.

  • Guyon van Oers

    I think this is a possible teaser for the Wayne Manor set(?). Because the background is inside Wayne Manor and that segway is nowhere to be seen in the leaked images of the third wave.
    the only vehicles i can see are the dune buggy from the dune buggy set and a spaceshuttle and a small car in the spaceshuttle sets (all batmans vehicles). though the spaceshuttle does include 2 extra batman suits

  • Ricky Lynk Jr.

    i hope we get a movie nightwing…. using him in dimensions isn’t enough

  • ZeeBricks

    The rumors that you mentioned are true. I’ve seen the images.