The LEGO Batman Movie More Rumored 2018 Sets

The LEGO Batman Movie Bat-Spaceshuttle

Sir von Lego over on Eurobricks has been busy giving tidbids of some rumored 2018 LEGO sets and this time, there are details for the third wave of The LEGO Batman Movie. I’ve already talked about two of the sets which are the Bat-Buggy and the Egghead Mech which you can check that out here. The other sets that Sir von Lego talked about are the Justice League Anniversary Party, Harley Quinn’s Attack, and the Bat-Spaceshuttle.

The Justice League Anniversary Party was shown in the movie when Batman and Robin went to the Fortress of Solitude where Superman is partying with the other Justice League members. It was mentioned that it will include Superman, Hawkman, El Dorado, and Wonder Dog. Will we also finally see a set featuring the Fortress of Solitude?

Harley Quinn’s Cannonball Attack is seen in The LEGO Batman Movie: The Making of the Movie and it includes Harley, Batgirl, a driver, and another character.

Finally, we have a Bat-Spaceshuttle. This set was seen when Robin discovers Batman’s lair as seen in the image above. It includes three versions of Batman and two for Robin.

The LEGO Batman Movie Justice League Anniversary Party

  • Riddler22

    I just want a fortress of solitude, plus EVERY SINGLE VILLAIN AND HERO IN THE MOVIE!

  • Gomek

    “It was mentioned that it will include Superman, Hawkman, El Dorado, and Wonder Dog.”

    Super disappointing to be getting another Hawkman when we already have one, and not the plethora of other characters we don’t have. Of course, I don’t need or want another Superman either, but I can see where it would be weird to not include him. Hoping the LBM CMF series has at least 6 or 7 characters from the scene that we haven’t gotten before.

    • Kilgannon

      It would be lame if 2 of the 3 minifigs in the set are ones we already have available. I want a Black Volcan, Apache chief, Samurai, the Wonder Twins, Firestorm HAWKGIRL. Basically all the ones we see in that scene and don’t have any version of.

    • Purple Dave

      I would actually be okay getting an updated Hawkman (the one notable difference is this version has red straps where the current minifig has gold), with a few provisions:

      1. All of the other unproduced characters and costumes from the JL party have to be in the rumored second TLBM CMF series.

      2. We get a DCAU Hawkgirl at some point in the near future.

      3. We finally get Robin in the “Night-Wing” costume that he wears towards the end of the film, and which requires a shoulder armor that doesn’t actually exist yet.

      But it is somewhat ironic that the first theatrical release to feature an assembled Justic League (on top of being the first theatrical appearance for most of the featured Bat-villains) wouldn’t have even a single JL member who isn’t part of the Bat-family. I mean, seriously, the only heroes in any TLBM set are Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and one appearance by Alfred in crime-fighting gear. Sure, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Aquaman are all easy to get your hands on thanks to their various retail and Dimensions releases, but even the common version of Martian Manhunter is limited to a single HTF set. The rest have never been released in general, or have an unreleased costume update, and not a single one has appeared in the TLBM theme.

      • lorbaat

        The “night-wing” armor is the same armor piece that’s on Magpie, who comes in the Riddler’s Riddle Racer.

        • Purple Dave

          No…well, sorta. I thought that as well, but then I did a bit of research on it, and discovered that while the Magpie armor is the right color, general shape, and has the required connection points, the shoulders are feathered while Robin’s shoulders are shaped more like bat wings. He also has a bat-cowl with Robin goggles. So, here’s an image of Robin in the “Winged Avenger” (Scroll down to #17…and also read the whole list when you get a chance).


          That version is totally possible (with one minor cheat) with current parts. Magpie armor, plain black torso/legs, utility belt, civilian Robin hair (to eliminate the green eyes), and the tiny bat-signal tile (should be light-bley w/ yellow print to be an exact match, but close enough). But here’s a look at the costume he actually wears out in public towards the end of the film:


          This is from the Dimensions Story Pack, but I’ve got the relevant scene paused on DVD right now, and it’s the same costume. He’s got a light-bley base with triangular black shorts, shoulder armor that’s functionally the same as Magpie’s but has bat-themed shoulders, and he has a bat-cowl with glowing blue Robin-goggles. Not even remotely possible with current parts. Oddly, he’s got a solid yellow bat-symbol tile on his chest unlike before.

          Also, I somehow never noticed this before, but when they start building the Ultimate Batmobile, right before Batman shoots Alfred with his Kato costume and Barbara with the “Lady-Bat” costume, Robin rips the Nightwing costume off and finishes out the movie in his standard Robin costume.

          BTW, based on what I’ve found online, and the scene I have cued up on DVD, the batsuits are in the following order:
          Night Terror
          Winged Avenger
          Reggae Man
          The Bat Pack

          Again, Winged Avenger is the one with Magpie armor that he wears before selecting Reggae Man, Reggae Man is what ends up becoming the Robin costume, and Nightwing (which is just out of sight at that point) is what he eventually wears when stealing the Speedwagon while Batman is in the Phantom Zone.

          • Lorbaat

            I’ve never seen the Dimensuons version before, but in the movie it’s the feathered shoulders as with Magpie. I don’t know what you’re looking at but I’m looking at the still right now.

            The cowl is a separate issue. I didn’t say it was possible to build the figure, I was just responding to the shoulder armor comment.

          • Lorbaat

            (The still in question for anyone curious, you can clearly see Robin’s Wonged Avenger armor is feathered):


  • colby ostrin

    I assume the Rocket would be 80-100 dollars, and the 57th anniversary party would be around $30.00

  • colby ostrin

    Lego has pretty much already shown us the cannon truck. The picture of her cannonball outfit is in the Lego Batman: the making of the movie book.

    Below is the pic of the car: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c0c7c2c0eedb8ef03f052e1b637646b8b03f279e1920d281085b007517a7f9ab.jpg

  • Guilherme Frank II