The LEGO Batman Movie Batman in the Phantom Zone (30533) at Target Valentine’s Section

The LEGO Batman Movie Batman in the Phantom Zone (30522)

I’ve been told that Target has transferred some of The LEGO Batman Movie Batman in the Phantom Zone (30533) polybags to the Valentine’s section at Target stores. They are going for $3.99 each but if you want to wait until after Valentine’s, they usually are on sale, if there’s any left.

  • Samuel Fisher

    Awesome! Now I know where to look! Thanks Allen!

  • Rob

    Thanks. Found it right by the Valentines stuff

  • seandrexler

    Found it my Target only had a few but the DCPI is 204000090 if anyone needs it.

  • Mister_Barista

    Mine had them in Toys last week

  • Purple Dave

    1: don’t expect there to be _any_ of these left, since the movie hits in mid-February and Batman is already popular enough before the movie starts to really drive sales.

    2: reports are that this set uses the same DCPI number as the checkout lane polybags, so sites that mine their inventory status may not be very helpful.

    3: plan-o-grams may have them slotted for Valentine’s, but any store that opened these up early may have randomly picked a location for them, and if they did so before Christmas they may have already sold through everything they’re going to get.

    I did find several in the Valentine’s section. They were in a tray on a bottom shelf, and there was a shelf tag under the edge of the tray. Clearly they’re intended to be stocked there, but if you want them you better start hunting now while demand is low.