The LEGO Batman Movie McDonald's Happy Meal

Last week, I reported on the upcoming McDonald’s Happy Meal toys for The LEGO Batman Movie. We now know the dates of when they will be coming out which will be from February 7 to March 6. There’s no word on whether all of the items will be released at the same time or if they will be come out in waves spread out through the month but I have a feeling it’s the latter. If you didn’t see it yet, The LEGO Batman Movie McDonald’s Happy Meal toys will be:

1. Batgirl/Batman Cup
2. Batman Viewer
3. Robin/Catwoman Cup
4. Batman/Batgirl Tin
5. Batgirl/Joker Cup
6. Batgirl Viewer
7. Riddler/Catwoman Cup
8. Robin/Catwoman Tin

Thanks to Andrew for the info.

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