The LEGO Batman Movie McDonald's Happy Meal

McDonald’s has updated their Happy Meal site and we now know what the coming toys for The LEGO Batman Movie will be. If you remember, I reported last week that there will be Happy Meal toys associated with the movie.

As you can see above, there are three different types of toys that we will be getting. The first one looks like a 3D viewer shaped as Batman and Batgirl’s masks with some scenes. The next one is a puzzle of Batman, Robin, and Batgirl. Below that, I have no idea what that is with Catwoman. It looks like it may be stickers or character stands or maybe bookmarks. Finally, there are four different colored cups of some of the characters in the movie. These are different from the Action Cups that were released with The LEGO Movie.

If you were hoping for some actual LEGO with the Happy Meal toys, you’ll be disappointed again. There hasn’t been any actual LEGO sets since 2001 due small parts and they don’t want kids choking on them accidentally. So there you go. We have our first look at the The LEGO Batman Movie Happy Meal “toys.” There’s no release date so far but I did send an email out to confirm the dates. Will you be picking them up? Keep in mind that you do not have to buy the food to get them. You can buy them individually. Knowing me, I’ll probably pick them up eventually but I won’t be hunting them down.

Update: Over on the Spanish ad, the Batman puzzle and Catwoman thing are translated to metal box holders.

1. Batgirl/Batman Cup
2. Batman Viewer
3. Robin/Catwoman Cup
4. Batman/Batgirl Tin
5. Batgirl/Joker Cup
6. Batgirl Viewer
7. Riddler/Catwoman Cup
8. Robin/Catwoman Tin

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