The LEGO Batman Movie Toys Coming to McDonald’s

It looks like LEGO and McDonald’s will be teaming up again this year for some toys for The LEGO Batman Movie. I’ve been sent the above image showing a part of a Happy Meal box which shows there will be some sort of promotion for the movie next month but doesn’t say what it will be.

If you remember from 2014, LEGO did a McDonald’s promotion for The LEGO Movie with some Action Cups. Hopefully we get something similar or better for The LEGO Batman Movie. I’m sure fans would want some actual LEGO but that hasn’t happened for a long time.

If anyone knows the source of the image, please let me know and I’ll give proper credit.

Update: We now have our first look at the toys. Check them out here.

  • Dolly Sully

    That’s the UK Happy Meals btw – tomorrow starts a new HM promo and in the UK it’s Mario (Mushroom Kingdon is seen on the box there ^), in the US Teen Titans Go.
    So Batman should show up in the UK about a month from now.

  • HeartPiece

    United States or somewhere else?

    • I’ve been told that this is the UK box. I’m sure US will get something similar.

  • Anybody old enough to remember when McDonald’s gave you ACTUAL Lego in a Happy Meal as opposed to just a cup?

    • Takua Lockwood

      2001 Bionicle. they had parts that worked with other Bionicle sets and were important to the story. they weren’t just plastic non Lego toys that looked inspired by Lego or plastic cups.

      • Purple Dave

        They were mid-promotion on 9/11. I remember this because I was under the weather and called in to take the morning off, stopped off to buy some of the McTorans, bumped into someone I knew from college who told me, “You are so weird,” and only when I finally got to work did I find out what had happened that morning.

    • Purple Dave

      Yeah, that’ll never happen again. Today’s kids are so fragile they’d choke to death if they even heard that actual LEGO bricks used to be included in Happy Meal toys at some point in the deep past.

    • Brandon Melvin Grasmick

      I have vague memories of building my LEGO Happy Meal toys. I miss my childhood.

      But if they are gracious to make actual LEGO bits in a Happy Meal again, I’ll order 3 happy meals at a time.

  • myscrnnm

    Guess it’s time to start ordering the Happy Meal again.

    • HeartPiece

      They’ll just sell you the toy if you ask