The LEGO Batman Movie Rumored 2018 Sets

The LEGO Batman Movie Bat Dune Buggy

The summer 2017 LEGO Batman Movie haven’t officially been released on [email protected] yet but there’s already rumors of some 2018 TLBM sets coming from Delta Customs.

The first set is Batman Dune Buggy which includes minifigures of Batman and Captain Boomerang. The other set is called Egghead’s Food Fight which has Egghead’s mech and also includes Condiment King. It’s interesting that LEGO may be releasing another wave of The LEGO Batman Movie sets next year. There has already been talks of another minifigures series for the movie as well.

Note that the images used are not leaked images of the sets as they come from The LEGO Batman Movie: The Making of the Movie book which I highly recommend as it does give a lot of behind-the-scenes things such as concept art, sketches, and builds. They also might not be the final versions of the rumored sets but at least we have an idea of what they could look like. Some more future sets may also be hidden in plain sight in this book.

The LEGO Batman Movie Bat Dune Buggy

The LEGO Batman Movie Egghead's Food Fight

The LEGO Batman Movie Egghead's Food Fight

  • Justin Hoar

    Need me some more obscure Batman characters to add to my collection

  • ZeeBricks

    That dune buggy looks good. I’d buy it if it became a set.

  • Reaven Veaceslav

    This Batman wave has come with some of the most interesting minifigs in a long time. So many great characters that never would have made it normally. Other series should take notes.

  • ghost man

    personally im a bit tired of Lego Batman movie sets….but, i do work at TRU part of my time.
    however, they need to keep making sets until that Gentleman Ghost is a figure.

  • kingphilbert

    Are the movie sets on the shelves now even selling? They never seem to diminish at my local stores. They do have some great rogues in them, but that doesn’t seem to get them to move.

    • CadeSky

      I have been wondering about this myself. There are a lot of sets and a lot of discounts.

  • Al

    Posts on Eurobricks basically confirm a second CMF line for LEGO Batman movie as well as two of the minifigs, Black Canary and Hugo Strange.

    If true that would be great, but until actual confirmation I will remain cautiously optimistic.

    • CadeSky

      I would really like another CMF set. As a big comics fan, this has been really fun…seeing the obscure characters. I never would have expected so many of these characters to EVER be made into minifigures.

    • Doug

      Black Canary would be very welcome in my collection!

  • Michael Williams

    I hope this is true, I was really wanting Egghead (with the mechanical suit, Gentlemen Ghost, old school Captain Boomerang, and Condiment King. Though, I wanted it to be the Condiment King from the Animated Series.

    • Bricks, Studs, And More

      The minifigures shown are preliminary, as the ones in the movie and sets look much different. It’s pretty likely that Condiment King will look as he does in the movie

  • colby ostrin

    The dune buggy set would maybe be $15.00? Egghead set would probably be $20.00- $30.00, including at least Batman. I really want condiment king, https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/22c8d4adfe69c3441f2e206be966f4711ba819a956dff15afca28e4242204290.jpg and the movie version doesn’t have that ugly crown.