LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Rumored 2018 Sets

Delta Customs is back with more rumored sets for 2018 but this time it’s for LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes.

The first set is reported to be named Lobo’s Spacehog which includes at least Lobo and Superman. The Spacehog itself is Lobo’s customized SpazFrag666.

The next reported set is Lex Luthor’s mech which has minifigures of Lex Luthor, Cheetah, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Firestorm.

The final remored set is Cyborg Helicopter and Freeze Car. It has minifigures of Cyborg, Flash, Killer Frost, and Reverse Flash.

You can read more about the rumored 2018 The LEGO Batman Movie sets here. The images below are of Lobo and Firestorm as seen in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham - Lobo

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham - Firestorm

  • Justin Hoar

    As long as it is the badass Lobo and not that skinny poser from the New 52

  • CadeSky

    Sounds like some good stuff. I am getting to the point though where I am wondering if my collection really is in need of another WW, Flash, etc. I kind of came back to Lego a couple of years ago and I’m starting to see the repeats. I get it, every set will be somebody’s first!

    • Cody C

      Agreed. I’m starting to consider BrickLinking the new minifigures (and possibly whatever models/vehicles) that come in the sets. I have like 13 Lego Batman Movie Batmen, who look the same on the surface, without turning the heads around. And more are being bought with the Summer sets.

  • Purple Dave

    Reverse Flash? You’re killing me…

    See, about 18 months ago I made a Flash kit. It has (currently) 30ish Flash minifigs, and over 13,000 pieces that combine to make over 50 feet of modular Flash trail (if you were at Brickworld last year, you got to see almost the entire kit on the MichLUG layout).

    Aside from the expense of actually building a full second kit, I lucked out in that all of the parts I couldn’t get in trans-red were available in dark-red (which blend much better than red/trans-red). I’m not sure how good yellow/trans-yellow would look, and I can’t think of anything that would pair better with the trans-yellow.

    It also takes a long time to set it up and tear it down once per show, without doubling the work, and the case I pack it all up in feels like I’m smuggling lead bricks.

    • The Anonymous Hutt

      …what does your(really neat) kit have to do with Reverse Flash?

      • Cody C

        Because now he has to design a detailed brick-built trail for Reverse Flash to run alongside or behind or ahead of Flash.

        • Purple Dave

          Reading Comprehension Test passed!

          And I don’t actually _have_ to make a full kit, but if I don’t it really limits what I can do with the two characters facing off. Granted, Flash is right up there with Superman in terms of available villains, so I don’t actually have to use Reverse Flash, in which case I can go crazy with the Flash trail and it doesn’t really matter (current favorite is to have him run behind Grodd, who’s leaving a trail of banana peels, and have five Flash minifigs set up to make it look like he’s taking a high-speed tumble).

          The other thing that complicates this is that I did pick up a second copy of the Sonic Dimensions pack with the intention of making at least a short section of Sonic trail just so I could have them racing each other, but I have zero interest in making a massive kit just for Sonic (not to mention I doubt I can pick up a pile of Sonic minifigs for <$10 each). Sonic's trail wouldn't actually look as cool anyways, because I've got a bunch of Kai's NRG blade clipped to the side of the Flash trail to make it look like the lightning effect, and Sonic just leaves a plainvanilla blur. Also, there's the possibility of having more of DC's speedsters produced as minifigs, like Kid Flash, Zoom, Black Flash, etc. Kid Flash and Reverse Flash could potentially share a set of Flash trail, depending on the exact coloration of their costumes. Zoom and Black Flash might be able to as well, but I think that's less likely.

  • Agent 86

    Cheetah! Awesome news. I hope we see more Wonder Woman villains in the future, including a comic book Ares, Circe, Dr Poison, Silver Swan and even a brick built Giganta.

    • Marigold

      Right? I’m super shocked it took this long to get Cheetah in physical minifigure form. She’d also be the first regular-sized WW villain, which is sad since every other DC hero has had a villain for two or three years now!

      • Purple Dave

        That’s not really true. Sure, Batman (and by extension anyone in the Bat-family) has the coming out his ears. Superman (and by extension Supergirl) and Flash each have a few. Aquaman and Green Lantern each have one. You can kinda argue that any of the original Teen Titans (besides Robin) and the SDCC Arrow and Arsenal can claim shared title on Deathstroke (for that matter, the latter two can claim shared title on quite a few of Batman’s villains). But that still leaves:

        Wonder Woman
        Martian Manhunter
        Cosmic Boy & Lightning Lad
        Blue Beetle
        SDCC Atom
        Plastic Man
        Captain Marvel

        Wonder Woman (since you’re clearly not counting the giant brick-built Ares, based on the “regular-sized” qualifier) and Martian Manhunter are the only two original Justice League members who don’t have any solo villains, and WW is easily the most prominent superhero on that list by modern standards (Captain Marvel used to actually be more popular than Superman several decades ago).

        Interestingly, two of Wonder Woman’s villains include Medusa and a generic minotaur, both of which are minifigs in the CMF line, so they’d actually work as WW villains. Also, if Cheetah does get an official minifig (as compared to the custom one you can easily fake with the S14 cat-woman, even though she’s supposed to have spots instead of stripes), that means the list of Challenge of the Superfriends Legion of Doom members who don’t have at least one minifig is reduced to just Giganta, Toyman, and Solomon Grundy.

  • Darrell

    I”m excited for the new figures, but it would be really, really nice if they started giving love to some of the JLA ladies. I’m hankering for a Hawkgirl, Zatanna, Vixen and Black Canary minifigure, especially … and if I really want to grasp at straws, I’d also love a Fire and Ice minifigure set, maybe paired with Blue Beetle and Booster Gold for a JLI reunion.

  • Darrell

    Oh, and if they are doing Lobo, I hope they go with the Banshee’s hair in black. That would look so much better than what they did there in Lego Batman 3.

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