Limited Edition Black LEGO VIP Card Now Shipping

LEGO Star Wars VIP Black Card

For those who were lucky enough to order LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon (75192) when it became available, you’ll be glad to know that the limited edition black LEGO VIP card that goes with it will be arriving in your mailbox by the end of the month. A reader named Jason has sent over a screenshot of the email that he received from LEGO saying that his card was on the way.

If you didn’t know, the black VIP card also comes with exclusive LEGO Star Wars rewards and benefits its in 2018 but there’s no word yet on what they would entail. As for the black VIP card itself, you can only get it you were able to purchase the UCS Millennium Falcon (75192) in-store or online by the end of 2017. Since stock on the Falcon has been pretty low to non-existent, especially on [email protected], there’s a high chance that you probably won’t be able to get your hands on one. Were you able to get the Falcon and did you get the email for the VIP card?

  • chaos215bar2

    There’s still one and a half months left in 2017. Why are you writing about the end of 2017 in past tense (or, for that matter, stating authoritatively how difficult it will remain to purchase a UCS Millennium Falcon set throughout the remainder of the year)?

    • Purple Dave

      Because water’s wet, grass is green, the sky is blue, and the new Falcon is rarer than a 3-dollar bill right now. If you got on the wait list, you might still get contacted before the end of the year. If not, word is they don’t expect to go ahead with the wide launch until mid-April. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for certain: you won’t be able to just walk in the store or pull up the website and buy one on a whim by the time the VIP Black offer expires.

      • chaos215bar2

        What else do you know? You clearly have an inside source within LEGO, knowing such things with absolute certainty.

        Maybe LEGO will reopen preorders before the offer expires. Maybe they’ll actually have more sets ready by the end of the year. Maybe they’ll just extend the VIP card deal. And maybe they really are that stupid and are going to burn a whole bunch of goodwill with a silly black VIP card that practically no one will be able to get, despite demand. Why LEGO would choose that option, I don’t know. But sure. They could.

        Personally, I’d like to think LEGO isn’t stupid enough to offer a special VIP card with actual *financial* benefits tied to the purchase of a specific set and then fail miserably to meet demand before the cutoff date for the offer.

        • Purple Dave

          There was a time I had a few contacts within the company, but I haven’t had any contact with them in over a decade.

          My deduction is based on a few key bits of data, excellent math skills, and sound logic. Like Allen, I read a variety of AFOL sites because I know (from personal experience even) that one site can’t stay on top of every useful bit of information (at least not without reading all the other sites, they can’t. I’ve read reports of conversations with LEGO Store employees saying the wait list was capped at 5000, that after that it’s first-come-first-served, and that April is when they expect to roll out the wide launch.

          In ten days, it’s Thanksgiving. The next day is when the Christmas shopping frenzy kicks off for real. In 2014 and 2015 every LEGO aisle near me was stripped so bare they almost had to repaint the shelves, all due to the increase in demand caused by a certain movie. TLBM may not have been as well received as TLM, and TLNM may have fared even worse, but they’re still likely to get another bump from both (it helps that they’re both tied to existing themes, so the sets aren’t as dependent on the success of the movie as TLM sets were). And any bump means they’re going to have their work cut out for them keeping the store shelves stocked.

          In another 5-1/2 weeks, they launch the first wave of 2018 sets, which means they’re probably already starting to fit those into the manufacturing schedule so they’ll be ready to ship in early December. As has happened the last two years, they may even green light some of them for release in early to mid December just to help take the edge off of pre-Christmas demand.

          The new Falcon is a beast. At 7500ish parts, consider how many $20 sets they’d have to forgo making for every single UCS MF they make. Now try to tell all those kids who want _some_ LEGO set for Christmas that they have to miss out so one adult can have a single really big set. Keep in mind that, based on numbers they released from tracking VIP accounts, while AFOLs may account for around 25% of total sales, we are a significantly smaller percentage of the overall customer base (we just buy all buy a lot more per person).

          They made the offer for VIP Black cards with the full expectation (conspiracy theorists aside) that the supply would last until the end of the year. That’s the maximum number of black cards they originally committed to handing out. They added potentially 5000 to that number with the wait list. Keeping in mind that for every one of those cards they hand out, they _also_ have to be able to supply that same number of promo items for each event they run next year. Now, does it really seem logical to expect them to add to that pile, especially in light of how much turmoil they’d create for their end-of-year production schedule, and all the bad blood they’d cause with their wider customer base?

          No, man, it’s not inside info. It’s just reading the writing chiseled deeply into the stone walls. If you don’t already have one, you’re not waiting for them to fill your successful backorder, and you’re not on the wait list, be on your toes come April. The sad thing is, a lot of those VIP Black cards will probably be useless, because anyone who actually did get multiple Falcons ordered will get a small stack of identical cards with the same name and VIP number printed on them. But it might be worth checking to see if there’s any way to transfer the duplicate cards, for those who are truly more concerned about getting their hands on one. Of course, it will mean having to deal with the same scalpers who helped deplete the stock so quickly in the first place…

        • Purple Dave

          So I just saw a post from someone claiming that [email protected] told them they’re trying to get more shipped in time for Christmas. However, I see three possibilities here:

          1. They’re blowing smoke to keep people from giving up, and there really isn’t room in their schedule to make this happen…but they’ve been given permission/orders to say this so they won’t have customers screaming into the phone.

          2. They’re still trying to work through the wait list, and they still won’t be available to anyone else. But they’re not going to tell anyone that because, again, yelling.

          3. It finally dawned on them how colossally they screwed up, and they’re trying to figure out how much they can give up elsewhere vs how many Falcons they can fast track into the pipeline.

          The person who posted this, however, said they call pretty much every day to check, which may be what any other hopefuls need to start doing. Not only is it possibly your best chance of getting through, but it helps them gauge just how much unfilled demand there really is. Either way, I still think you have better odds of winning the lottery than buying one from LEGO Brand Retail before New Years without having your name on that list.

  • disqus_JMukWO9BfF

    Hate being “that guy”, but there’s two typos in the article. It’s “benefits” and “nonexistent”.

  • Reaven Veaceslav

    While it will be impossible to get this special VIP card, it makes me wonder about the possibility of other special VIP cards with high end sets and themes. Or just offering for purchase special VIP cards.

    • The Anonymous Hutt

      And then we’ll find out the card is worth $100 off the next VIP set. Then, you buy that set and get the next card, etc.
      (Joking, of course)

      • Devin S

        As with many others I am still bothered by the horrible launch of the falcon. if missing out on the falcon and the VIP card, leads to the inability to purchase other special items throughout the year as well, I may just be done with Lego in general. Will the same thing happen if they launch an ISD later this year? Not worth the time and money, if they can’t meet demand.

        • ayuken

          Can anyone shed some light on the demand of the ISD? Will it be as popular as the MF?

          • Purple Dave

            That was conjecture, not based on knowledge of any upcoming set. And I don’t think any SW vessel could be as popular as the Falcon. It’s about the largest you can feasibly do as a true minifig-scale model, it’s one of the most iconic vessels in the series, it’s practically a character in its own right, and it’s the only vessel that appears in all six SW films. But it would certainly be interesting to see what they could do with a 7500pc ceiling for an ISD.

        • Brandon Taylor

          Crap should I feel stupid? ISD? what is that?

  • Mark

    I am really put off by the terrible way Lego have handled this launch. They could not possibly have misunderstood the appeal this product would have this badly – this lack of stock must just be a cynical ploy to drive up desire.

    I know it is stupid but part of me thinks that if I can’t get 75192 this year to get the black VIP card, I might not bother at all.

    • Ian Milne

      I have been having the same thoughts. Every time I see the “temporarily out of stock” notice next to the Falcon in my wish list, my willingness to part with the better part of a grand on the set diminishes.

  • Brandon Taylor

    I got mine! Just waiting for my card!

  • leggot

    its now the first week into Dec, anyone get their black vip card?

    • There has been numerous reports of people getting their cards.

      • Ronny Nussbaum

        Didn’t get mine yet, and the e-mail about it came on 11/11. Anyone got their card?