A few days ago, I received a new review copy of The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book: 15 Designs to Spread Holiday Cheer by Chris McVeigh from No Starch Press. If Chris’ name sounds familiar, he’s a pretty popular builder and photographer in the LEGO community. The book contain 220 pages and retails for $19.95 and will be available at the end of September.

The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book consists of 15 different builds ranging from simple builds like the wreath variety to more involved ones like the computer and camera. They are grouped into three categories such as Christmas Classics, Geometric Designs, and Fun Stuff which are your non-traditional holiday ornaments. The instructions are broken down in a very simple way, similar to what LEGO does with their instructions. At the beginning of each build, there’s a parts list, including the official parts ID number, to let you know which parts are need to create it and of course, you can substitute the colors to your liking. If you’re not familar with the numbers, you’re probably wondering what they are as it is not explained anywhere in the book. Words are very scarce since there really is no need for them.

One thing that I really appreciate about the instructions for this book as compared to other third-party instruction books is that the ones in this one are large and easy to see as compared to the small instructions with a number of pieces squeezed into that step.

Overall, The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book is a very nicely put together book by Chris and it will surely be a welcomed addition to your library especially with the holidays coming up in a couple of months. If you followed Chris before on other platforms, you can see how he implements his building style and techniques into each ornament. I would definitely recommend picking up the book as you will have fun building the models as well as inspiring you to create your own using the ones in the book as a starting reference point.

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