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LEGO Holiday Ideas Book Review

A few days ago, I received a mysterious package from DK and I opened it to find out it was a brand new LEGO book called LEGO Holiday Ideas. It has 80 pages and it features more than 50 build ideas to use for holiday decorations, games, and gifts. What’s even cooler is that the book also provides the parts for an exclusive reindeer build.

Of course, you’ll need your own parts for the other builds in the book but the images for the pages were photographed very well so you can see what parts are needed. Some of my personal favorite builds from the book include The Elf Express which is a monorail for the elves and the Gingerbread Train.

LEGO Holiday Ideas retails for $14.99 but it is currently on sale over on Amazon for $10.59 which is 29% off. Thank you again to DK for sending it over for us to check out.


LEGO DC Super Heroes Visual Dictionary Review

LEGO DC Super Heroes Visual Dictionary

The LEGO DC Super Heroes Visual Dictionary has been recently released and Penguin Random House was kind enough to send over a review copy of the book. If you’re not familiar with the Visual Dictionaries, it is basically a guide of of all the LEGO sets and minifigures of a certain theme. The book has 128 pages and retails for $21.99 but as of this writing, it is on sale on Amazon for $14.71.


The LEGO Ninjago Movie: The Making of the Movie

The LEGO Ninjago Movie: The Making of the Movie

Amazon UK seems to like to publish images early and we now have a look at the cover for The LEGO Ninjago Movie: The Making of the Movie. This 200 page book will be similar to The LEGO Batman Movie where it takes a look at some of the behind the scenes things including concept art, builds, and more. It will be available starting on September 22 but you can pre-order the book today.

Packed with stunning concept art, sketches, artwork, inspiration and LEGO® builds, the book tells the fascinating story of how The LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE was made.

Find out how your favourite heroes, villains, vehicles and locations were created for the movie. Learn about each development stage of the movie, from the initial idea and storyboarding to recording the dialogue and special effects. Created in full collaboration with the LEGO Group, with exclusive insights from the filmmakers, animators and LEGO designers.


Ultimate LEGO Star Wars First Look

Rebelscum has given a first look at the upcoming DK book called Ultimate LEGO Star Wars. It has 320 pages and will be available in October for $40. Judging by the price and number of pages, it may suggest that it will be a high quality coffee table book. Jeremy over at Rebelscum states that it will have some extra unique material included as well.

The definitive guide to the LEGO® Star Wars™ universe, featuring every set, Minifigure, and vehicle ever released.

The complete, unrivaled encyclopedia of the LEGO Star Wars theme. Fans will have an all-encompassing companion to the LEGO Star Wars cultural phenomenon. Produced in large format and featuring beautiful imagery, this is an indispensable guide for young fans and a stunning reference work for adults. With behind-the-scenes material, it tells the complete story of LEGO Star Wars, from the earliest concepts in the late 1990s to the creation of the most recent sets for The Force Awakens™ and Rogue One™. Created with the LEGO Star Wars team.


Tips for Kids: Transformers: Cool Projects for Your LEGO Bricks

If you’re a fan of Transformers, epecially the G1 cartoon series, there’s a new book coming from Joachim Klang and Alexander Jones, aka Orion Pax which gives you instructions on how to build your own from LEGO bricks. Tips for Kids: Transformers: Cool Projects for Your LEGO Bricks is a 208 page book that gives you tips and ideas for building Transformers out of LEGO. Some characters shown on the cover are Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Soundwave. Whether or not they will be included in the building instructions remains to be seen. The book will be available on July 10.

•Comprehensive and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions
•Learn how to build your own new faction of alien robots in disguise!
•The perfect present for budding builders who are also Transformers fans

Fed up with your existing collection of Transformers and their old gimmicks? Why not create some new ones with special characteristics, just based on your home collection of Lego bricks? Comprehensive and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions provide guidance on how to build your own new faction of alien robots in disguise!



365 Things To Do With LEGO Bricks Book Review

365 Things To Do With LEGO Bricks

DK’s newest book called 365 Things To Do With LEGO Bricks has just been released and I’ve received a copy a few weeks ago but now just have time to review it. Unlike other DK LEGO books where they focus on a particular theme, this book takes a look at different ways you can use LEGO bricks.

When you first pick up the book, you’ll notice the red activity selector and timer on the bottom right. When you press the question mark, you get a random number from 1 to 365 which represents the corresponding activity in the book. The yellow countdown button lets you set the time in 30 second intrements. The blue button is the stopwatch to time your activities. The green button is the start/stop button for the stopwatch. One thing to note is that the timer cannot be removed but it is inserted in a gatefold cover so you can have it available while reading through the book.

365 Things To Do With LEGO Bricks

The first few pages gives you all the activities which are broken down into various categories. Futher along, there’s a spread asking what you feel like doing and it gives examples of some of the activities that are available in the book. If this is the very first time you’ve picked up a LEGO brick, there’s a couple of pages to give you some basic terminology of the bricks.

365 Things To Do With LEGO Bricks

There are a ton of activites that are suggested in the book ranging from simple ones like mixing up your minifigures to create an unique … Continue

The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book Review

A few days ago, I received a new review copy of The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book: 15 Designs to Spread Holiday Cheer by Chris McVeigh from No Starch Press. If Chris’ name sounds familiar, he’s a pretty popular builder and photographer in the LEGO community. The book contain 220 pages and retails for $19.95 and will be available at the end of September.

The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book consists of 15 different builds ranging from simple builds like the wreath variety to more involved ones like the computer and camera. They are grouped into three categories such as Christmas Classics, Geometric Designs, and Fun Stuff which are your non-traditional holiday ornaments. The instructions are broken down in a very simple way, similar to what LEGO does with their instructions. At the beginning of each build, there’s a parts list, including the official parts ID number, to let you know which parts are need to create it and of course, you can substitute the colors to your liking. If you’re not familar with the numbers, you’re probably wondering what they are as it is not explained anywhere in the book. Words are very scarce since there really is no need for them.

One thing that I really appreciate about the instructions for this book as compared to other third-party instruction books is that the ones in this one are large and easy to see as compared to the small instructions with a number of pieces squeezed into that step.

Overall, The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book is a … Continue

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