The LEGO Movie History Cops

The animators of The LEGO Movie has created a grindhouse spoof trailer that features Michelangelo and Abraham Lincoln as crime fighters called History Cops. The two historical figures will team up as partners in this little bonus short movie on the Blu-Ray version of The LEGO Movie. The Blu-Ray will be available next Tuesday, June 17th and it will have tons of extras including:

  • Feature Commentary
  • Batman: A True Artist
  • Michelangelo and Lincoln: History Cops
  • Enter the Ninjago
  • Bringing LEGO® to Life
  • “Everything is Awesome” Sing-Along
  • See it! Build it!
  • Stories from the Story Team
  • Fan-Made Films: Top Secret Submissions
  • Outtakes
  • Additional Promotional Content
  • Alleyway Test
  • Deleted Scenes

The DVD version of The LEGO Movie will only have:

  • “Everything is Awesome” Sing-Along
  • Fan-Made Films: Top Secret Submissions

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