The LEGO Movie Master Builder’s Submarine

The LEGO Movie Patchwork Submarine

An image has surfaced on The New York Times of a ship that was created by various characters in The LEGO Movie including Wyldstyle, Benny, Batman, Vitruvius, Unikitty, and Emmet. The “Master Builder’s Submarine” was created while the group was being chased by Bad Cop and consists of all the builders’ different styles. This creation was created by the film’s production designer, Grant Freckelton and his team using LEGO Digital Designer. My guess is that it is most likely not going to an official set but it would be totally awesome if it was. Check out the video below to see the submarine being assembled in the movie.

  • Grat

    frickin’ awesome is what it is. This NEEDS to be mass produced to be sold in stores, also with a mini version of the double couch to fit inside.!!!

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  • c’mon

    This has to be a set!!!!

  • HelloChaps

    This isn’t the biggest version,if you watched the movie,it is shown that the biggest maceroni peices are used for the windows.Also(Again spoilers for The Lego Movie)How could a double decker couch fit in that small(ish)thing

    • Kieran McMullen

      That’s the magic of the double decker couch.

  • Raven

    Anyway you’d be willing to share the instructions? My 6 year old son loves the Lego Movie. Thought for sure they’d put out a design for this sub and they didn’t. I’d be willing to buy instructions.

    • Sorry but there are no instructions for this build.