The LEGO Movie McDonald’s Happy Meal “Toy” Revealed

The LEGO Movie Happy Meal Action Cups

McDonald’s has updated their Happy Meal minisite and has revealed February’s “toy.” They are not actually toys but Action Cups based on The LEGO Movie. There are 8 different collectible cups you can collect which features many of the main characters in the movie including Batman, Unikitty, Bad Cop, Emmet, Wyldstyle, MetalBeard, President Business, and Vitruvius. The cups are listed as McPlay so there might be a code on the cups to use on the Happy Meal site or on an app.

There were people who were afraid that the toys would be lackluster like the LEGO Batman promo a few years ago. For this year’s promotion, there’s no play feature at all on the cups but are more of a decorative item. The cups are labeled as “Action Cups” but it may just be a name to show action scenes from the movie. Maybe there’s something hidden on the other side of the cups that have something cool like a lenticular feature. That’s pure speculation but I think they’re just regular plastic cups.

Update: There are some more images of the cups on China’s eBay, TaoBao.

The LEGO Movie Happy Meal Action Cups

The LEGO Movie Happy Meal Action Cups

The LEGO Movie Happy Meal Action Cups

The LEGO Movie Happy Meal Action Cups

  • Weldon W. Worth

    I was in a real bind until I pulled out my action cup! Now instead of sitting around jamming McDonald’s in my face, I am doing things and people like me!

  • Sam Hill

    They do advertise “McPlay Power,” which I assume is a code for the Happy Meal website for some game or download or activity…

    So, yeah. Boring ol’ cups.

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  • Håkan

    There seems to be two different designs for Emmet and UniKitty. Not sure if these are due to different markets or if there are some alternative explanation.

  • Tommy

    they’re linticular

  • SoccerTrack

    So I work at McDonald’s, and I saw that we were going to be getting Lego Movie toys for the next set, and I was actually excited that we were going to be getting GOOD toys for the first time in a long time! Now seeing this I am just exceptionally disappointed… more so at myself for hoping that it would be actual Lego men or something good.

  • Jake

    They totally lost an opportunity for another “happy meal toy craze” like with the Despicable Me 2 minions. How could they not make little lego people figures?? Must be a legal/copyright issue. =/

    • From what I hear, it is a Warner Bros./McDonalds partnership. LEGO itself is not involved with the promotion.

  • Sheena Patton

    I actually went to mcds today to try and get one for my son, because these are actually pretty cool and something he could use on a daily bases instead of another toy, and they didn’t have them and sounded like they didn’t even know about them. I want the cups! Lol

  • Ellen Stafford

    Boo! Was really excited to see Lego movie goodies coming soon in our McDonalds but now I am really disappointed in this!! Thought it was going to be maybe some mini figures or a little set to play with!

  • audjohn2000

    awsome i have batman

  • Sparkly rainbows

    I would b so mad right nao i’d just jump out the window
    but im not that mad, im just disappointed in mcdonalds

  • Minecraft Rocks

    I thought it would be like lego minifigures or a plush toy but when I realised it was a cup I was like this is just garbage McDonalds needs real toys not plastic cheap toys that you would find in a poundland

  • Paul

    This is the best item in a happy meal in ages. Finally something we can use instead of tossing it in the trash in a couple days.

  • Chewie


    This must be what happened, eh?

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