The LEGO Movie Brick Bust

The big day came and went with much buzz and fanfare, the premiere of The LEGO Movie. As you may have seen, As with The LEGO Group, we’ve been promoting the movie heavily on here and it’s had quite a response. Here’s my spoiler-free review of it.

We first reported about the movie and its casting way back in 2012 and after two years in the making, it is finally here. Even before the movie premiered, the official sets were already in major retailers and on LEGO Shop@Home. When I first saw them, I already knew that it was going to be good. Then came the number of trailers and teasers and that pretty much clinched it for probably for everyone who remotely likes LEGO.

The biggest point in the movie is to build whatever comes to your mind which has always been LEGO’s mission statement. That’s what Emmet has tried to set out to do throughout the movie. He has to find it in himself, with the help of his friends, that he is “The Special.”

The LEGO Movie Brick Bust

The actors and actresses did a great job on their characters. There were also some cool and unexpected cameos that we won’t spoil in this review. The jokes and puns were enough to keep everyone smiling throughout the movie, not too much but just the right amount.

The movie animation by Animal Logic was better than I had expected. All the hard work that the designers put in the CGI paid off. After watching the movie, you would think that the movie was created by some animation powerhouses like Pixar or DreamWorks but no. Animal Logic, who also worked on other films such as The Matrix Trilogy, Happy Feet, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, did an exquisite job on producing The LEGO Movie.

The soundtrack for the movie is pretty addicting especially the main song, “Everything is Awesome!!!” by Tegan and Sara featuring The Lonely Island. Once you hear it in the movie, you can’t help but to sing along with it.

The LEGO Movie Brick Bust

Is the movie a big 100-minute commercial for the LEGO sets? You bet it is! It wasn’t just a movie where they throw the sets in your face and try to sell you on them but it was entertaining enough to make you would go, “I would like to get that set later.” I was at my local LEGO Store and I knew most of the kids there had just came out from watching it because they knew where the sets showed up in the movie. The marketing departments from Warner Bros. and LEGO pretty much did their job.

The LEGO Movie easily won this weekend’s box office with an estimated $69 million opening and now that I’ve seen it, it totally lived up to my expectations. I would definately watch it again and buy the DVD when it is available. The LEGO Movie was no doubt, awesome. I’ll be doing another review next week full of spoilers so you don’t want to miss that. What are your thoughts of The LEGO Movie? Let us know in the comments below.

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