With the end of LEGO Ninjago Crystalized, show creator Tommy Andreasen has announced that this will be the end of his involvement with the Ninjago series. Since the start of the theme in 2011, Tommy had been involvement in pretty much all aspects of the show and the LEGO sets. Now that he has stepped away, he will also stop Ninjago related activities on Twitter which he opened engaged in conversation with fans. He will also stop answering questions about past Ninjago seasons as well.

As we all know by now, LEGO Ninjago will not be completely ending as it will be returning in 2023 with a new series. Tommy stated that it is important for the Ninjago team to find their own voice and to speak for themselves. I hope that whoever will be taking the mantle will be engaging with fans as Tommy was. If I’m not mistaken, Tommy is still a Senior Creative Manager at LEGO so he’ll be working on other things now that he has moved on from Ninjago.

We wish Tommy good luck in his future endeavors.

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