As we know by now, Toys R Us has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy but what will happen with the company and all the LEGO exclusives we could get from them? As an employee of Toys R Us/Babies R Us, what I’ve been told by my manager is that we’ll still be running normally like we’ve been running. No stores will be closing in the short term but may close poor performing stores after the holiday season. As for reports that a lot of vendors have refused to ship products, those are only for the smaller companies. I believe the larger companies like Mattel, Hasbro, and even LEGO are still getting products to the stores. There won’t be any “going out of business” sales because this isn’t a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and TRU is not going out of business at this time.

So what happens with all the LEGO products at Toys R Us? There shouldn’t be any change with the selection. For those here in the US who are waiting for the Bricktober 2017 sets, you should still be able to find them in a few weeks. There will still be various sales going on and TRU does price match Amazon and other retailers.

The Toys R Us bankruptcy comes just weeks after LEGO reported lower profits and layoffs themselves. It looks like that the whole toy industry isn’t doing well as a whole as more kids are gravitating to electronics and video games. We’ll see what happens after the holiday season but this is scary news especially since I’m an TRU/BRU employee but I feel that things will work out slowly, hopefully.

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