It looks like the sun will be setting for Toys R Us permanently as The Wall Street Journal has reported that the company will sell or close all of its remaining stores in the United States. The news came from CEO David Brandon in a conference call to employees and it will result in about 33,000 people losing their jobs, me included. It was been reported that Toys R Us will file for liquidation ahead of the court hearing tomorrow. I’ve read that Toys R Us Canada will not be affected but Toys R Us UK will be closing their stores as well.

I started a Toys R Us a few years ago during the holiday season and was actually pretty excited for it. It was busy and I remember working long hours but it was worth it to see kids and adults happy. That all changed recently after the company filed for bankruptcy last year. The mood shifted and everyone was on edge thinking when our last day will be. I honestly still don’t know as the conference call happened after I got off work today. I will probably hear more about it tomorrow.

Just the feeling of walking into a legit toy store is different from your other retailers like Walmart or Target whose selection isn’t as vast as Toys R Us. I’m sure you’ve felt the same way as a child and maybe as an adult as well. I’m just sad that my future children won’t experience the same thing unless another toy-centric store opens up in the future.

Update: Thanks everyone for your support. The Brick Fan still remains my main priority however I do have another part-time gig lined up already.

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