TRON Legacy Light Cycle is Next LEGO Ideas Set

LEGO has officially announced the next LEGO Ideas set with TRON Legacy Light Cycle. The project was from the First 2017 Review Stage and was created by thr BrickBros UK. There are no details on price and availability at this time.

It was also announced that Damien and Aiden MacRae from the Surf Rescue project was offered a special project to work on. If you remember, Damien was diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma skin cancer and used this project to spread awareness.

Unlike some of the previous review stages, there was only one project selected to become an official LEGO Ideas set. Are you happy about this pick or would you rather have chosen another project? Let us know in the comments.

  • James Busch

    Ahh so excited! I can’t wait for this! Always loved Tron and I hope this makes Disney realize the mistake they made in cancelling Tron 3 (curse you Tomorrowland!)

  • The Anonymous Hutt

    I am SHOCKED that Disney went along with this. I would think that Lego would reject this model, then turn around and sell it as their own product, like the Ghostbusters Headquarters and Mighty Micros. It’s a great pick though!

    • Purple Dave

      Ghostbusters license was already secured thanks to Ecto-1. Mighty Micros falls under the DC Superheroes and Marvel Superheroes licenses. There is no TRON license (though that would have made a sweet Dimensions world), so between the three it’s the only one they _could_ do. Also the Firehouse is way too huge for Ideas to produce, and their severe restrictions on Q elements (four per set, from what we heard regarding the Exo-Suit) probably would have caused major design headaches and a compromised final result.

  • Andrew Teach

    We are so HAPPY!! Tron is one of our favorite movies! Hope this flies off the shelves so disney can see the appetite we have for more Tron merchandise. They can easily redeco parts and make a Clu lightcycle aswell! This was a perfect choice and I’m already in line waiting to buy it!

  • Matt

    No no NO! Why only one set!? I so wanted the Blues Mobile to become a thing! I’m not saying this isn’t a cool choice, just that their are….others. Like my Blues Mobile…

  • Carl Baker

    Really bummed that the Blues Mobile didn’t make it. I didn’t have much interest in the other projects.

    • Matt

      Same bro. Remember that part in the movie when the car falls apart? And Elwood takes his hat off? That is what happened to my dreams.

  • Amy

    I’m surprised and disappointed that the arcade machines didn’t make it – a perfect opportunity for LEGO to make heaps of new stickers! But seriously, I’d have thought there’d be a good market for that one.

    Also, commiserations to the Bluesmobile designer – although you beat me by a few weeks to submitting mine, so I didn’t bother. I still like mine best though. ;D

    • Matt

      I just want one. So much.

  • AnthonyKR

    I’m totally excited for this! Now if they would do some stuff from Tron: Uprising, I’d be even happier. Loved that show, and the character designs were awesome all around.

  • Matt Bailey

    THRILLED!!!!!!!! Instantly my favorite set, and I don’t even know what it looks like yet!

  • burningtyger

    I am not thrilled. I do like Tron as a theme. However, and I could be wrong on this, it seems like this project was submitted not long after some very Tron-esque vehicles were created for the Ultra Agents theme. So when I first saw this project, I thought it was a little un-original, since it seemed to borrow heavily from that official Lego set. However, I obviously don’t know all the details of the build, so I could be off-base on my assumptions. But if I am not wrong, then it would surprise me that Lego would award a production set to an ideas project that was so derivative of an existing Lego set.