LEGO Seasonal 2016 Snowglobe (40223) Now Available on [email protected]

LEGO Seasonal 2016 Christmas Ornament (40223)

If you missed out on the LEGO Seasonal Snowglobe (40223) promotion from last year, LEGO is now selling it on [email protected] for $9.99 with a limit of five per customer. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing that LEGO is selling previous promotions as customers had to spend at least $99 to get it originally however this may start a trend of LEGO reselling their previous promo items at a later time for those who missed it. Let me know what you guys think about LEGO reselling the Snowglobe in the comments. Check out my review of the Snowglobe here.

  • Joe Ryan

    Ive said it before and I’ll say it again, LEGO is selling out at the moment

    • Ichabod McCallister

      How is a custom snowglobe selling out?

      • The Anonymous Hutt

        Custom snowglobe? This is an official promotion, officially being sold on Lego.com for an official price. Sorry if I am misunderstanding your statement.

        • Ichabod McCallister

          I don’t think selling out is the right term. I think it’s great for those who didn’t receive the snow globe last year, and by making it available again, LEGO is sticking it all the resellers asking 3 times what it is worth. I meant custom as in an unlicensed set… if anything, LEGO sold out when they started producing sets with movie tie-ins, like Star Wars. A snow globe is pretty original, really.

  • moseph

    I missed it the first time, and it looks pretty cool. I think the point of running a business is to “sell out” just sayin

  • leggot

    nice parts for $5, not a bad deal at all, and they get to stick it to the re-sellers

  • ayuken

    I wish this was available on Cyber Monday… not keen to make another purchase now without free shipping. Lego keeps bringing back older promo items to make sure there are no gaps without cool freebies or items people missed out on during the holiday season…

  • The Anonymous Hutt

    Well this is crap. But, the Tron news makes up for it.

  • digited

    I think it’s great they’re doing this, but they really need to do it consistently. If this becomes a trend we can rely on, I will just forgo the FWP promos and wait to buy them outright.

  • N – MCMXCIX `

    Maybe there is a high enough demand for it so they keep making more?

  • Purple Dave

    I thought it was a great GWP, and _may_ be tempted to order a couple extra copies. Selling them outright, even a year later, may cause problems with the whole GWP program (the point being to get you to buy larger sets) if this becomes a habit, but this was last year’s Brick Friday promo, so there was a very small window of opportunity and with their oversaturated GWP schedule (they’re pretty close to 2/mo from Aug 1 to Dec 31 this year) it’s really easy to overspend in general and also run out of stuff to buy at the right time. This isn’t even close to being the first time they’ve brought back a GWP item for a second run (off the top of my head there was Jor-El, Flashback Shredder, Darth Revan, the Shadow ARF Trooper, and the mini-Routemaster), nor is it the first time they’ve priced GWPs to sell (in the past, when they still held Brick Friday Preview Events, invitees were allowed to buy the Holiday 1 set for $9.99 while qualifying for Holiday 2 as a GWP). Now if they’d just run one for a free Zombie LEGO Store Employee…

  • David Au

    I literally spent 26$ on this on eBay this morning. Pretty upset.

  • Adam

    As a collector it’s a little upsetting. I put it out on the mantle with my Christmas stuff thinking how lucky I was to have one. It takes some of the specialness from it now. However, if Lego had simply replaced Santa with a snowman, elf, or anything Christmas I would have been crazy excited and bought it. I love mine and happy for anyone who missed it.

  • Mel Christensen

    I tried to order one at the time but it was sold out already, its on my wish list. Seasonal items are my thing– but they often sell out so I’m often stuck. I hope this comes back.