Turmoil and Drama on LEGO CUUSOO

As you may have read last week, I did a couple of posts here to help spread the news about BrickQueen’s Jurassic Park projects on LEGO CUUSOO, the Jungle Explorer T-Rex Encounter and the Triceratops Encounter. Besides the Jurassic Park projects, she also had a couple of Super Heroes sets that were doing pretty good as well such as her Killer Croc’s Lair project which was about to hit 5,000 supporters. Well I have some sad news to report. It appears that her account has been banned/suspended and all the projects were deleted and it wasn’t something she has done wrong. She has released a video (below) explaining what happened. It was stated in the video that another user recently posted another Jurassic Park project and has been flagging BrickQueen’s projects and also rallying his “supporters” to flag her projects as well.

We’ve had many projects that had the similar concepts and ideas going on simultaneously on CUUSOO before but we’ve never seen this happen. The video also goes on to explain that she has gotten personal messages from various individuals saying terrible things and it absolutely sickens me that people would go that far to ruin someone else’s hopes and dreams. You can hear the pain in her voice as she tries to explain the situation. The pain of something that you worked very hard on and it going down the drain by forces not of your control. We are all LEGO fans here, are we not? We’re here to support the creators and their designs, not to send people nasty messages and bringing people down. I’m not sure what The LEGO CUUSOO team will be doing, if anything, to resolve this issue but hopefully BrickQueen gets her account back soon. Please help spread the word to help Kristine and also letting people know that something like this shouldn’t be tolerated.

Update: Since yesterday, there’s been much speculation on what actually happened and what lead up to BrickQueen’s account being banned. You can read more about that at various outlets in the LEGO community. I will not be adding any more commentary until there’s some official news, if any, about the issue.

Update #2: Decision has been made and the BrickQueen has been permanently banned. See the video below.

Update #3: It seems that many people are up in arms about the whole situation. When I first wrote about this, it was based on what the video said and not my own accusations. Anything else that came to light including the whole Twitter deal about multiple email accounts and the Eurobricks post came after I wrote about it. When the initial video came out, I was the first to write about it but what’s done is done. BrickQueen has been banned from CUUSOO. I’m over the whole thing and that’s why I’ve decided to close the comments as well. If you have any issues with this post, feel free to email me.

  • Sidney Vega

    Is there anything we can do to get her back on board? I hope the other user gets banned. This is an injustice!

    • I don’t think any of us can do anything about it. The only thing we can do is to bring it to LEGO’s attention.

      • Martin

        please read my comment and try to help us?

  • SilentMode

    When CUUSOO was turned into a popularity contest rather than promoting good ideas, this was bound to happen. I feel bad for the girl.

    • I agree. There’s been some really good ideas on there but when someone does this, that’s when stuff goes down.

  • Paul Maestro

    I felt the same way when TLG rigged the SDCC raffle. They aren’t fan-friendly anymore.

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  • James Wilcox

    Using the customer feedback form on the Lego Cuusoo site, I informed them of this wrongful act. Their site has been unusually unavailable today so I’m hoping it’s a matter off all the traffic this event has spurned. If they don’t do anything about this, I’m guessing they’ll lose about 53k supporters (subscribers of Kristine’s). Bad move, Lego.

    • I’ve contacted Tim, the CUUSOO Community Manager, about the situation. It’s just a wait and see game.

  • Martin

    I think i know how to get BrickQueen’s acc back: We must talk to their Community Manager, Tim Courtney, and explain him the situation. im on this, maybe you can help out by contactng him trough his Linkedin!, here it is: http://www.linkedin.com/in/timcourtney

    • I’ve already contacted Tim through Twitter. I would suggest to everyone NOT to email his LinkedIn. LinkedIn is for professional use only not for people to send complaints to.

  • Weldon W. Worth

    I been around long enough to not go half-cocked without knowing any details because a woman cried. People are actually calling for blood on her channel and people are giving out names to cause havoc. People love to get up in arms and join the mob mentality.
    Now personally, my few dealing with BrickQueen have not been positive and I unsubscribed to her channel. I just want to stress to not assume anything and just keep an eye on what official Lego statements say. They made a statement on one person’s Cuusoo who’s name was tossed the bloodthirsty mob who are trying to do the VERY exact thing they are raging about with BrickQueen.

    • Weldon W. Worth

      I just want to point out something BrickQueen posted an hour ago in the video,
      “I don’t want everyone to attack those people. I’ll ignore those messages if Cuusoo will just reinstate my account. They accused me of creating fake accounts and have deleted the accounts of others like my mom, TheBrickTitan, and several others who have contacted me via personal messages.”

      Now whether there were fake accounts or not, who knows, but none of what she recently wrote was said in her video. A video blaming unjust flaggers and that is flaming an Internet riot in Lego circles.

    • SilentMode

      That’s fair enough.

  • willco66

    While I have loads of sympathy about Brickqueen’s projects getting deleted, this episode definitely brought out some of the worst in the lego fan community. There has been tons of accusatory comments towards anyone with a Jurassic Park project on Cuusoo, and comments on her youtube page were suggesting they kill the guy responsible. That is ridiculous. Reporting to cuusoo what happened is logiacal. What’s happening above is not.

    • Chow

      Luckily, MEGA BLOKS fans don’t have this kind of distatesful demeanor toward one another 😛

  • Dario

    I never knew who this girl was before reading this post but I feel really bad for her. I can’t believe people would be this hateful and mean over plastic building blocks and sets! It is really sad and I hope she gets her projects and account back so she can continue her passion

  • Subject Gamma

    I say we rally our supporters and give this guy a taste of his own medicine! For the hoard!

  • Richard Hayes

    People need to read everything with a pinch of salt, Cuusoo would not ban her unless she had done something major, only the other day did someone post on Eurobricks with evidence of her ripping of his designs as her own……

    I will reserve judgement till I know the facts and not jump on the bandwagon!

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  • dragster147

    This does sadden me. We, who are fans of LEGO, should be able to be friendly to each other and not get wrapped up in being overly competitive. Just like with the First Robotics, we need to be supportive, and good sports even if someone else got their project started. Our imaginations are vast so we should be able to come up with more ideas if one of them doesn’t get off the ground.

    Brickqueen, you have my support!

  • Alan Cartwright

    Allen, I would suggest you rewrite your first paragraph as, despite you saying in the update that you won’t say anything more until there’s something official, you have already said quite enough to fuel the fire.
    The accusation on Brickqueen’s YouTube channel is that she was blocked because other users were flagging her, and though you state that though you will not name him (as if that’s enough to make it okay) you do say he’s also posted a JP project (which gives us a shortlist of two to guess from! Great work!). That is all it is – an accusation, with no objective evidence. All you are doing by reporting it this way is making the whole fiasco worse.

    Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that even if all that is true a member would never be banned just for being flagged, so there must be something more to it. And the idea that this is an injustice is nothing but romantic wishing, hoping that Brickqueen has told us a completely objective version of events and there is nothing more behind the decision.
    (I’m not saying she’s lying, but there must be more to it that she may well not be aware of, and she’s quite well known for ignoring anything said against her so I’d assume she’s not telling the whole story.)

    On top of that, what you’ve repeated about who flagged her is not true: both JP project posters have denied that they flagged her. Now that we know that you need to edit what you have said.
    And if you knew you were spreading nothing but wild speculation to begin with then you’ve been caught up in the hysteria and have been quite naive.

    Please, please, please, rewrite this with some objectivity, being aware of your influence in and responsibility to the online Lego community… or just take it down!

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