As you may have read last week, I did a couple of posts here to help spread the news about BrickQueen’s Jurassic Park projects on LEGO CUUSOO, the Jungle Explorer T-Rex Encounter and the Triceratops Encounter. Besides the Jurassic Park projects, she also had a couple of Super Heroes sets that were doing pretty good as well such as her Killer Croc’s Lair project which was about to hit 5,000 supporters. Well I have some sad news to report. It appears that her account has been banned/suspended and all the projects were deleted and it wasn’t something she has done wrong. She has released a video (below) explaining what happened. It was stated in the video that another user recently posted another Jurassic Park project and has been flagging BrickQueen’s projects and also rallying his “supporters” to flag her projects as well.

We’ve had many projects that had the similar concepts and ideas going on simultaneously on CUUSOO before but we’ve never seen this happen. The video also goes on to explain that she has gotten personal messages from various individuals saying terrible things and it absolutely sickens me that people would go that far to ruin someone else’s hopes and dreams. You can hear the pain in her voice as she tries to explain the situation. The pain of something that you worked very hard on and it going down the drain by forces not of your control. We are all LEGO fans here, are we not? We’re here to support the creators and their designs, not to send people nasty messages and bringing people down. I’m not sure what The LEGO CUUSOO team will be doing, if anything, to resolve this issue but hopefully BrickQueen gets her account back soon. Please help spread the word to help Kristine and also letting people know that something like this shouldn’t be tolerated.

Update: Since yesterday, there’s been much speculation on what actually happened and what lead up to BrickQueen’s account being banned. You can read more about that at various outlets in the LEGO community. I will not be adding any more commentary until there’s some official news, if any, about the issue.

Update #2: Decision has been made and the BrickQueen has been permanently banned. See the video below.

Update #3: It seems that many people are up in arms about the whole situation. When I first wrote about this, it was based on what the video said and not my own accusations. Anything else that came to light including the whole Twitter deal about multiple email accounts and the Eurobricks post came after I wrote about it. When the initial video came out, I was the first to write about it but what’s done is done. BrickQueen has been banned from CUUSOO. I’m over the whole thing and that’s why I’ve decided to close the comments as well. If you have any issues with this post, feel free to email me.

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