LEGO Ideas Flintstones

The results of the LEGO Ideas First 2018 Review are in and LEGO has announced that, not one, but two projects will become official sets next year. The first set is the Treehouse by Kevin Feeser which looks great in its own right. I’m curious to see how big it’ll actually be considering the project had 2,643 pieces.

LEGO Ideas Treehouse

The other project that passed is actually a surprise and it is The Flintstones by Andrew Clark. I’ve seen the project in person when I was at Philly Brick Fest and I will say that it looks great in person. I’m sure that LEGO will modify it just a little bit to make it work for them as the parts count including minifigures is 770 pieces. It’s interesting to see The Flintstones as a license because there were hints that LEGO may have already had the stage was in LEGO Dimensions a few years ago.

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