Users of BrickLink, this piece of news is probably what you’ve been waiting for. Chief Site Architect Marvin Park has given an outline for what’s in store for the updated BrickLink until the end of 2015. They’ve been gathering information from various sources and getting feedback for improvements to BrickLink. Many of the features listed are what buyers as well as sellers have been waiting for so it’s great to see that they’ll finally being implemented.

Also, they’ve dropped the version numbering system like BrickLink 1.0, 2.0, etc. to available confusion. As a substitute, the major revisions will have an unique code name. Check out below BrickLink has in store for the next year.

November 2014 – Price Quotation

– Sellers will be able to opt-in to give price quotes for orders.
– Buyers aren’t obligated to purchase the quoted orders but quoted items won’t be held for the buyers.
– Quotation-based ordering system will comply with the German e-commerce law (a.k.a German Button solution).

January 2015 – Automated Shipping Cost Calculation

– Shipping costs can be automatically calculated when sending invoices and quotes.
– Initial release of this feature will officially support USPS (USA), Royal Mail (UK), Deutsche Post (Germany), and PostNL (Netherlands).

Q1, 2015 / TBA – Express Checkout

– Paypal payments will be integrated within the store checkout process. (Finally!). Buyers will be able to send Paypal payments directly to sellers as part of the checkout process. (Q1, 2015).
– Ultimately, BrickLink will accept credit card and PayPal payments from buyers and pass them to sellers when shipment is verified. (TBA)
– With the new express checkout system, sellers don’t have to worry about Non Paying Buyers, and buyers are better protected from Non Shipping Sellers.

Q2, 2015 – New UI and Improved Usability – Codename: Face/off

– The UI will have a new modernized look and feel.
– Site navigation will be more intuitive and simplified while keeping the core functionality of the site.
– Key features, including the Wanted List and store management tools, will have improved usability.

TBA – Catalog / Search upgrade – Codename: Catalog

– The overall process to add, search, and identify parts to and from the Catalog will be refined.
– Outdated and items with missing images will be updated with high quality images.
– Smarter keyword search and experimental new features will be added to Parts search.

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