It has been exactly one month since the new LEGO VIP Program went live and it hasn’t went as smoothly as fans wanted it to be. As its current iteration, it has been met with more negative responses and positive ones.

First is the conversion system from dollars to points. For the US, it is 6.5 points per dollar but a lot of people still are still confused to why they are not getting an 1:1 ratio. Technically we still are but it’s just more convoluted since we have to convert it to the Danish Krone.

Another problem was that a lot of people still haven’t been able to switch over to the new program. I’ve saw a customer in store that was ready to make a purchase but was met with this problem as their account wasn’t found and I’m not sure if they ever completed the transaction. This is actually a pretty big problem because people want to earn points with their purchase but they can’t since their account doesn’t work. People would rather shop somewhere else like Amazon where discounts are almost always present.

Next up are the rewards. LEGO updated the program to give people more control on how they spent their points. The main thing is using the points to get a discount on a purchase but you had to redeem it before you go to the store but before you could just just the discount there. This adds another step which wasn’t really needed in the first place.

As for the physical rewards, the list hasn’t been updated since the program went live. The Bad-Pod went out of stock pretty quickly but I was told it could probably restock in the future. The art prints are cool as they haven’t been offered before as a GWP. There’s also older promo items that have been offered before for those who missed them when they were GWPs. A rotation of items would be nice to see added in the future.

All in all, the new LEGO VIP Program is very underwhelming to say the least and fans have not been happy about it. It does have lot of room to improve on but we’ll see how long before LEGO makes any changes. They do notice posts like these so feel free to leave in the comments some constructive criticism about the program.

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