LEGO Stranger Things Upside Down Looks More Fun Than It’s Supposed To

One of my favorite shows from last year was Stranger Things and RyantheAmazing over on Reddit has recreated some scenes from the show with LEGO. Some details that it shows include Joyce’s living room, the kids playing Dungeons & Dragons, as well as a play feature that includes the Upside Down.

You can see lots of little details of the living room including the Christmas lights as well as the kids. The whole section then flips over using a Technic pin to reveal the dark Upside Down dimension. Check out the full album here.

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LEGO Sentinel MOC by Henry Pinto

Completed Sentinel Pics. #legosentinel #sentinel #xmen #lego #marvel #mastermold

If you love X-Men, then you should check out what Henry Pinto has created the past few months. Many hours were put in to create this minifigure-scale LEGO Sentinel and is the most impressive one I’ve seen. I’ve been following Henry’s progress of creating the mutant-hunting robot on social media and I’ve looked forward to seeing the finished product. If only LEGO would release something like this as an official product but we can only dream. Check out the progress of the Sentinel in the link above.

Completed Sentinel Pics. #legosentinel #sentinel #xmen #lego #marvel #mastermold


Oscar 2016 Best Picture Nominees in LEGO

The 88th Academy Awards will be airing this Sunday and our friends over at Toscano Bricks has created a video of scenes from the nominees for Best Picture in LEGO form. The movies that are in the running for the Oscar are The Big Short, Bridge of Spies, Brooklyn, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Martian, The Revenant, Room, and Spotlight. Check out their video below.


LEGO Clockwork Heart Instructions by JK Brickworks

If you were on social media this past Valentine’s Day, you may have seen the image above of the Clockwork Heart by LEGO builder Jason Allemann, aka JK Brickworks. If you want to make your own, he has posted the instructions as well as the parts list for everyone to enjoy.

Jason has been prolific in building models that are very impressive, to say the least, with many of which can be motorized to make it even more impressive. If Jason sounds familiar, that’s because his Labyrinth Marble Maze was chosen to be the next LEGO Ideas set which was teased by LEGO just yesterday. Check out his website to see more of his MOCs.


Lunar/Chinese New Year 2016 LEGO MOCs

Lunar/Chinese New Year 2016 is still one day away here in the US but it has already taken place over on the other side of the world and here are some more LEGO MOCs celebrating the holiday. The above creation is by Titans Creations and the rest below are labeled. Happy new year to everyone that is celebrating! I know I’ll be eating a lot tomorrow.

Chee Keong

Cheng Heng Chin





LEGO Monkey King by Cid Hsiao


I don’t feature LEGO MOCs that often here but since Lunar/Chinese New Year is coming up in a few weeks which I’m pretty excited about, I think it’ll be nice to feature some based around the holiday since 2016 is the Year of the Monkey. Here we have Cid Hsiao’s version of Sun Wukong, aka the Monkey King.

The amount of detail that went into the build is pretty spectacular especially in the head which sometimes is the hard to create. The build is based on the character in the famous novel, Journey to the West, and in recent times seen in video games such as League of Legends and Smite.




Comic Book Covers Recreated with LEGO

San Diego Comic Con 2015 is about a week away and one of the popular mainstays at the convention are comic books. Recently, there’s been a growing trend in the LEGO community of many builders recreating comic book covers with LEGO. This building theme was made more known with Comic Bricks which was on display late last year at Designer Con. Even LEGO themselves will also debuting a set at SDCC next week with their rendition of Action Comics #1 which will be sold at the convention.

LarX99 over on Reddit has continued this trend of recreating various comic book covers with LEGO. Of course, there’s also their rendition of Action Comics #1 which has been a popular topic the past week or so due to the upcoming exclusive set. My favorite cover, seen above, is probably the recreation of Hulk #181 which was the first full appearance of Wolverine, despite the wrong colored costume. Below are just a few covers that LarX99 has done but check out the full album over on Imgur.

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