LEGO Lord of the Rings Cover/Poster

There is a new picture from Lord of the Brick of what appears to be the boxart cover or a poster for the new LEGO Lord of the Rings video game. Here you can see some of the characters of the Fellowship of the Ring as well as some of the beasts including a Mumakil and a Fell Beast.

There’s no word yet about the Elrond minifigure here in the United States but there is a special offer on Amazon for a $10 Amazon credit. There’s no sales tax and if you’re a Prime member, you get free 2 day shipping. The game is scheduled to be released October 30, 2012.

Pre-order LEGO Lord of the Rings and receive and receive a $10 promotional credit toward the purchase of items shipped and sold by Amazon.com*. Offer valid on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC, 3DS, NDS and PS Vita platform titles. The $10 promotion code will be sent via email within two days of your order shipment. Offer valid when shipped and sold by Amazon.com. This offer will be extended to all existing pre-orders. Limit one per customer. Amazon reserves the right to change or terminate this promotion at any time. *Certain exclusions apply, including but not limited to Kindle books, gift cards, and Amazon Appstore for Android apps.


LEGO: The Piece of Resistance Details

There are more details of the new LEGO movie tentatively called LEGO: The Piece of Resistance scheduled to be released on February 28, 2014. The movie will be a mix of live action and animated with the majority being CGI.

The search is on for candidates to do voice acting for characters in the movie. Will Arnett, the star of Arrested Development, has been confirmed to voice Batman in the movie, while there is some buzz of Channing Tatum voicing Superman. The lead character named Emmet, voiced by Chris Patt, is “an ordinary, law-abiding, LEGO minifigure who is mistaken for the most extraordinary MasterBuilder. He’s drafted into a fellowship of strangers on a quest to stop an evil tyrant from gluing the universe together.” … Continue Reading


LEGO Star Wars 2013 Sets Revealed at Star Wars Celebration VI

Bounty at RebelScum listed the official sets for the LEGO Star Wars 2013 release where it was revealed by a panel at Star Wars Celebration VI. They are the same sets as rumored on Jedi News. Again, the question is, which new LEGO Star Wars set(s) are you looking forward to?

Buildable galaxy series 3:
Kamino w/ R4-P17 droid and Jedi Starfighter
Coruscant w/ Clone Pilot and Republic Assault Striker
Asteroid Filed w/ Tie Bomber and Tie Pilot

Regular Sets:
The Old Republic Battle Pack (2x sith troopers + 2x clones)
Clone Troopers vs Droidekas Battle Pack (sniper droideka)
A Wing w/ Ackbar, Han and A Wing pilot
AT-RT w/ yoda, clone trooper and assassin droid
Z-95 Headhunter w/ 2xclone troopers, general Krell
The Rancor Pit (as revealed at SDCC)

That was the last slide of the panel.

Other notes:
New Visual Dictionary in 2014 w/ new Mini fig exclusive
4th Star Wars Lego game in the works already


LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2012 (9509) Now Available on Amazon

Christmas in summer? You bet! If you want to get you hands on this year’s LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (9509), you can now get it on Amazon. The price is now $10 more than last year’s Advent Calendar with it being at $49.99 now. There are 10 minifigures in this 234 piece set: Gungan Warrior, Security Battle Droid, Hoth Imperial Officer, Hoth Rebel Trooper, Gonk Droid, Snowtrooper, Rebel Trooper, Super Battle Droid, R2-D2 Snowman, and Santa Darth Maul.

**Source: FBTB**


LEGO CUUSOO The Amazing Spider-Man

If you’ve seen Michael McCooey’s, aka mmccooey, work before, you’ve probably seen his MOCs of the poseable Batman and Deadpool figures. He has now created The Amazing Spider-man figure and needs your help to reach 10000 supporters on LEGO CUUSOO. Spider-Man is more flexible and agile than Batman and Deadpool so changes were needed:


-He has a ball joint at the base of the neck as well as pivot joint at the base of the skull, allowing him to look all the way down and over his shoulders when contorted.

-A mid-torso joint that allows him to bend his spine forward and back, it also rotates from left to right, like the waist joint.

-His elbows and knees are double jointed, which allows free range of movement and the ability to fully crouch his legs.

-The hips can now allow the legs up and over the wasteline allowing for those very spider-like poses.

-His ankles have a second pivot joint for extra steep ankle poses, as well of full range of motion in the main joint.

-His feet have an articulated toe piece to make those perching poses more natural.

Licensing probably won’t be an issue since there are Spider-man sets coming out next year but that’s a separate issue. This is an amazing figure and I would totally support the project on LEGO CUUSOO and hope you can show your support too!


LEGO Lord of the Rings In-Game Abilities Press Release

FBTB has reported that there will be new information regarding the LEGO Lord of the Rings Video game coming this October 30. Gamedot has released a press release summarizing the individuals of the Fellowship of the Ring and their in-game abilities. Not only can you play all 9 members of the Fellowship, but there are also 76 other characters you can play with for a total of 85 playable characters. … Continue Reading


LEGO CUUSOO Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover Achieves 10000 Supporters

If you have been keeping up with the news, the Curiosity rover recently landed on Mars. To commemorate this event, Stephen Pakbaz created the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover on LEGO CUUSOO. The set was listed on 11/15/11 and hit 10000 supporters today. With the help of Reddit the Curiosity project gained a ton of supporters in 24 hours. The project now goes to the review stage which happens in September. If you can’t wait for the review process to finish, Stephen has put the step-by-step instructions on Rebrickable so you can make your own Curiosity rover today. Congratulations to Stephen for this amazing accomplishment! … Continue Reading

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