A few days ago, Alice Finch announced that she has joined the BrickLink Team as their Chief Communications Officer. Her new duties are to be the voice of the users on the site and is there to help assist people with the questions that they have. Alice will also be working alongside a team that will manage any issues that come up as well as managing the volunteers of the BrickLink. In addition, she will be working on some future releases of BrickLink and the team is eyeing Spring 2014 to have a rebuilt site. As you may or may not know, BrickLink was sold earlier this year to Jung-Ju “Jay” Kim who is also the founder of gaming company Nexon. Jay is also an AFOL and has vowed to revamp the current site.

One of BrickLink 2.0’s focus is not to be a marketplace for buying and selling LEGO items but to also be a community. Currently, the site does have a forum but it is very outdated and needs an overhaul so the changes will able to make it a closer knit community. Alice notes the new updates will allow people to not only display their MOCs but to sell them as well.

Alice has done an interview with Beyond the Brick and she goes in-depth on more things they are work on at BrickLink. She also talks about many of her builds including her Hogwarts Castle. She has also posted images of her newest creation, the Quiddich Pitch. If you have some time, check out her interview below with Joshua and Matthew. Congratulations to Alice on her new job and I look forward to seeing what the team has in store for BrickLink 2.0.

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