There are rumors of a new LEGO Star Wars UCS (Ultimate Collector Series) set that will be released in 2014. Chowren Toys has gotten word that LEGO will be releasing the UCS Sandcrawler (75059) sometime next year and will go for $299.99.

The original Sandcrawler (10144) came out in 2005 but there hasn’t been any others since. mb_bricks did a project on LEGO CUUSOO and it achieved 10,000 supporters last year but was ultimately rejected during the Review Stage. The release of next year’s set may be a reason why the project got rejected.

If these rumors are true, I’m very excited to see another UCS Sandcrawler released next year. There’s no word yet on the piece count or release date but we’ll be reporting on that information as it becomes available.

Update: BrickDancer on Brickset mentions that the above-mentioned UCS Sandcrawler will be released in Spring 2014. They also mentioned that the UCS Slave I will be released in Fall 2014. Again, these are just rumors going around and should be taken lightly. We’ll update more as details become available.

Update 2: It looks like the Sandcrawler will be a regular set albeit a much more expensive regular set. Huw from Brickset estimates it will be larger than the original 10144 set but small than the one proposed on CUUSOO.

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