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LEGO AKIRA Kaneda’s Motorcycle by Sariel

Sariel is back at it with another LEGO build that I very much enjoy looking at because it’s based on one of my favorite manga series/anime, AKIRA. As you can see, the build is Shotaro Kaneda’s iconic motorcycle which features custom stickers as well as drive and steering controls via Power Functions. You just have to see it in action below to try and get a glimpse of how cool Sariel’s version is.


LEGO Apple Watch Building Guides by Chris McVeigh

Earlier this week, Apple announced the new Apple Watch which fanboys are hyping up. They want to be the dominate force in the industry with their foray into the wearable device territory and its enticing features. The only problem with it is the high prices that are included with their products which range from $350 for the base model to $17,000 for the gold model.

Why buy the Apple Watch when you can build your own LEGO version with the free guides that Chris McVeigh has provided. There are two different versions that you can build with the Icon Edition and the Text Edition. Both are very easy to create with parts that you probably already have in your collection. Be one of the first to “own” the LEGO Apple Watch before it is available next month.


LEGO Technic Audi R8 by Sariel

LEGO vehicle builder extraordinaire Sariel has unveiled his latest creation and it is one of my favorite cars, the Audi R8. The car is only a few years old but was mostly recognized in the first Iron Man movie and is easily a very distinguishable car that makes heads turn.

Sariel created the car out of mostly orange parts and if you’re a builder, you know that there aren’t that many orange parts available. This limitation made Sariel’s build somewhat harder because some parts weren’t available at all. Even with that limitation, Sariel finally completed the Audi R8 and has also released a video showcasing the features of it which you can check out in the video below.


Build Your Own LEGO Oscar Statue

A few days ago, the 87th Academy Awards were held and during the “Everything is Awesome” performance, LEGO versions of the Oscar statue were handed out to various celebrities. A few resourceful people over on Reddit studied and reverse engineered Nathan Sawaya’s video of him creating the statue frame by frame and has provided a LDD File for people who are interested in creating their own.

What’s cool about the Reddit thread is that one of the members of the crew who won an Oscar for Best Sound Editing for “American Sniper” also visits /r/LEGO/ and will be creating them for each member of the crew since only the bosses get the real thing.

So if you want to create one of Nathan Sawaya’s LEGO Oscar statues, you can now do that with the instructions provided in the LDD file. Nathan has also posted the Oscar statue on LEGO Ideas if you want support it.


Happy Lunar/Chinese New Year 2015!

Chinese New Year Candytray

Today is Lunar New Year, aka Chinese New Year, and it begins the Year of the Sheep/Goat. Happy New Year to everyone who is celebrating the next couple of days and I wish everyone happiness and good luck. The above MOC is created by Andy Hung (Andybear) and it shows the traditional candy box that is used during this time of the year. On the lid of the box, you can see the word 福 which means fortune or good luck. You can also see some traditional gold ingots that were used in China in the past as a form of currency. I know I’ll be eating out of these boxes the next few days and enjoying all the goodies inside.

To celebrate Chinese New Year, LEGO has released a small Year of the Sheep (40148) set. Unfortunately, it is/was only available in countries in Asia. If you really want one of these sets, there are some available on eBay and BrickLink.

LEGO Year of the Sheep (40148)


Beautiful LEGO 3: Call for Entries

Beautiful Lego 3: CALL FOR ENTRIES

After the success of Beautiful LEGO and Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark, Mike Doyle is getting ready to release Beautiful LEGO 3. He is currently doing an open call for entries to his next book. The theme for the next release is Nature so plants, animals, and other natural objects related to the theme is fine.

There are also some requirements that Mike likes to adhere to if you’ve looked through his previous books. The objects must be an original work and photographs must be high quality because most likely he’ll be using that image in the book. Also, you can’t glue or use non-LEGO elements in your MOC. He doesn’t like minifigures so try not to use them either. The building technique of spilling LEGO pieces into piles to simulate things like water are also disliked.

There are also some ideas given for the Nature theme so you can brainstorm some things you may want to create and submit.

Animal character
Plant characters
Trees or large detailed tree
Weather effects (tornado, snow, tsunami, etc)
Sci-fi landscape
Plants or weird plants (flytrap)
Wild animals

If you’re interested in submitting your MOCs for Beautiful LEGO 3, head over to the Flickr Group and add your entry to the pool and it may be good enough to be chosen to be included in the book. The last day to enter is March 15th so you have about a month to submit your MOC(s).


Custom Green Lantern Mech by Superdad Keith

This is a little different post than the normal news because it’s been kind of slow the past couple of days. I received an email from a friend and local fan of the site named Keith, who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few times at the local LEGO Store, and in the email was an image of a wicked cool build that he has created.

Each year Keith creates custom LEGO builds for his son and for this year he has created a Green Lantern Mech. Obviously, this takes a lot of time but to see your son being overjoyed for something that is hard to achieve is priceless. Click on the image to see a larger view of it.

So to Keith who made this Green Lantern Mech, hats off to you sir for being an awesome dad. Hope to see you again at the LEGO Store.

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