The LEGO Ideas Female Minifigure Set by Alatariel could be the next official product being released by LEGO. Ed over at Brickpicker has been posting information about future sets and their rumored prices and one post caught my eye which states “21110 Research Institute $19.95” so I did some research. If the LEGO Ideas continues with their set number structure, the next product would have 21110 since the Exo Suit has 21109. Also, on the project page itself, the description of the set is as follows:

I would like to propose that the final set will represent a versatile Research Institute comprising the labs of the Astronomer, the Paleontologist, and the Chemist.

Research Institute. The exact words from Ed’s post in the forums. Again, putting two and two together, it may seem that The Female Minifigure Set has passed the review because it was still being further evaluated when the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (21108) was announced. If this is the case, we will probably be getting a fairly small set with a female Astronomer, Paleontologist, and a Chemist or something similar to the proposed project. What do you guys think of this theory?

Note: The images above are from the proposed project and not the official images.

Update: It is confirmed that the project will indeed be the next LEGO Ideas product.