Further Clarification on LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Ant-Man Final Battle (76039) Issue

There are some more details coming out of Reddit regarding a problem with the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Ant-Man Final Battle (76039). As you can see from the image above, there are two different instructions for the same step in building the ant’s legs. The top is the updated version which also includes pairs of pins and cones to add on to the legs for more stability. This is probably the reason why [email protected]icon has the set listed with 195 pieces instead of the 183 when it was first released.

The OP also stated that both boxes where identical and that there was no sign of them showing the 12 extra pieces except when opened so I assume LEGO is just using the same boxes that list 183 pieces and adding a bag with the additional pieces with the new instructions which saves the company some money by not remaking the boxes. If you’re one of the people who don’t have the updated Ant-Man Final Battle (76039), I suggest contacting LEGO customer support to see if you can get the extra parts.

  • Yochip

    I’m alittle surprised to see this cause I bought mine from the lego store after they announced the issue, the legs don’t really bother me so j don’t think I’ll go through the trouble of getting the extra pieces.

  • murphquake

    got mine at the local Lego Store, no cones or axles for the legs… it clearly would be more stable with a wider footprint, but not sure what the issue is, it looks great as is

  • Matt Bailey

    Very weird, I know I’m posting on an old post but this may help someone. Finally got around to calling Lego, they said it didn’t impact North American buyers…but I do not have the cones and there’s a big stability issue. She did send me the parts even though she said I shouldn’t have been impacted. Glad Lego is awesome!