During yesterday’s reveal of the LEGO Back to the Future Time Machine (10300), there was a short animated video showing Doc and Marty going to different time periods. Their first stop may have also included a teaser for the upcoming LEGO 90th Anniversary Castle set.

The main part shows Marty standing in front of the castle looking for a piece required to go home. Just looking from the size of it compared to the minifigure, it’s huge. Shortly after, you can see some knights chasing Marty and you can clearly see two of them with the Lion Knights insignia on the torso.

There have been various reports that the set would be called the Lion King’s Castle (10305) and it would pay homage to the original King’s Castle (6080). The price of it would be about €349.99 and if the set is the one shown in the short, the price may be justified. We all know that LEGO likes to throw teasers in other sets and this was perhaps a great way to give us a taste of what’s to come.

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