San Diego Comic Con 2023 is just a few days away and it looks like LEGO will be having a decent presence this year. They will still have their Booth #2829 which will be selling sets there but they haven’t revealed what will be displayed on the floor. I do have information about what will be going on there this week but it’s embargoed for another few days.

There were on LEGO exclusives in the portal and it’s already been closed so there’s nothing to expect there. They still could do something at the booth itself but we’ll see.

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Thursday, July 20

LEGO: I Had a DREAMZzz Last Night About Ninjago! – Room 6BCF/10am-11:30am

Learn all about LEGO DreamZzz, a new content IP that launched in May. The panel will be hosted by Keith Malone (head of entertainment development for the LEGO Group) along with voice talent Sarah Jeffery (Zoey), Marcos Cardenas (Mateo), Vincent Tong (Logan, Kai), Brian Drummond (Mr. Oz, Nightmare King, Ras, Riyu, Lobbo), and Larissa Dias (Izzie), as well as DreamZzz LEGO model designer Freddy Charters, head of LEGO production Asa Tait, and Doc Wyatt and Kevin Burke, head writers of Ninjago Dragons Rising. Be sure to come as your favorite Ninja or Dreamchaser.

LEGO x Project K Building India Together – Hall H/1pm

Recognizing LEGO’s extraordinary creativity and ability to inspire, we see a remarkable opportunity for collaboration.

Most Indian children did not grow up with LEGO in the 90s and 2000s however as adults, they view LEGO with the sight of missed nostalgia.

Collaborating with Project K opens up the path for LEGO to enter the homes of Indian children and youth who wish to experience the joy of building and the pride of creation.

Integrating Indian cultural elements into LEGO sets and characters would offer a fresh experience for billions around the world and would open doors to a new era of imaginative play and cross-cultural appreciation.

Friday, July 21

LEGO Masters: Behind the Brick – Room 25ABC/4:00pm-5:00pm

Get a sneak peek at the exciting developments from around the world in TV’s greatest building competition, LEGO Masters! Stacey Roy (U.S. season 3 winner) leads a panel of experts, here to share tips, tricks, and secrets. They’ll explore topics from auditions to challenge development, through series production and beyond, along with a deep dive into the wild world of LEGO Masters across the planet. Featuring Amy Corbett (LEGO design lead/brickmaster), Pete Donner (LEGO master model builder), Robert May (LEGO exec producer), Michael Heyerman (SVP unscripted, Endemol Shine), Pip Wells (exec producer), Brent Benedetti (Challenge exec producer), and others. Get ready to get your brick on!

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