The 2019 London Toy Fair kicks off on Tuesday and it looks like LEGO will be back this year to show off some of their lineups for this year. According to the exhibit floor map, they won’t be on the floor itself with the other exhibitors but they have their own space in the Olympia Room which is tucked away on one side of the show floor. This may suggest that LEGO has a lot to show off or it’ll mostly be for The LEGO Movie 2 sets which there are a lot of.

If you remember from last year, LEGO did not attend the event and there was no reasoning given for it. It could be that the company was focusing on turning the company around after their financial results weren’t as encouraging as they expected for the year before. Anyways, I’m not sure if any LEGO fansites were invited to attend this year’s Toy Fair or if it’s just for retailers like with 2017 but hopefully there are some details that come out of it.

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