I’ve come to a point in my LEGO career that after collecting sets for the past 3 years, I’ve ran into a small dilemma. During that time, I’ve amassed quite a number of different sets and have built many of them which leaves the boxes laying around in various places. You guys may or may not know about this but I have a habit of keeping a lot of things that take up space, maybe a little too much. Some may even call this hoarding.

The problem now lies with the LEGO boxes that I have. I have two large LEGO Store bags full of them as you can see from the images. Some are quite large while some are pretty small. The question I have for you guys is and I’m pretty sure many of you have run into the same problem. Do you keep the boxes, toss them out, or do you recycle them? If you do keep the boxes, do you also flatten them or keep them intact to keep their integrity for sentimental reasons? Since there are many older sets that will never be produced again, this is probably the last and only chance you can have that particular box in your hands when they are retired from shelves.

Let me know in the comments below or on our Facebook Page of what you do with your LEGO boxes.

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