LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 13 (71008)

With an overwhelming positive response through emails and comments on our Feel Guide for the Series 12 LEGO Collectible Minifigures (71007), we’re going to do another one for the upcoming Series 13 as well. since there are no physical copies yet in hand yet, we’ll just go off the images from WhiteFang’s review on Eurobricks of some of the more notable things to look for with each minifigure. We should start seeing Series 13 hitting the shelves early again in a couple of weeks at retailers such as Walgreens, Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us.

1. King
The easiest thing to feel for will probably be the crown/hair piece. The pointed greatsword is also helpful but be careful since there there are three other minifigures in this series that also have swords.

2. Sheriff
Since there are no other minifigures that have a 2×2 tile, this will be one of the easiest things to feel for along with the hat for the Sheriff.

3. Unicorn Girl
Her bulky horse headpiece is probably the best indication that you’ve found her. The tail piece is also helpful.

4. Snake Charmer
There are a number of things for the Snake Charmer that can differentiate him from the others in Series 13. The turban, stick, and cobra snake are all good things to feel for.

5. Goblin
Like the previous minifigure, the Goblin also has three things you can feel for to him him, the scimitar, bag, and headpiece with ears.

6. Paleontologist
To find the Paleontologist, her safari hat with long hair is an easy to feel for. The 1×1 round plate and bone are also good indicators.

7. Alien Trooper
The Cthulhu looking head is a great thing to feel for when looking for the Alien Trooper. The gun with clip is also an useful thing to feel for.

8. Egyptian Warrior
Some of the things to feel for with the Egyptian Warrior are the khopesh sickle sword, the shield, and headpiece.

9. Carpenter
The Carpenter is a simple looking minifigure but there are things included with him that makes him easy to feel for including the 2×4 tile, the hard hat, and the saw.

10. Evil Wizard
Since he is the only one with the bulky dress piece, that should make him really easy to find.

11. Fencer
The Fencer could be fairly difficult to find but the rapier and mask could make it a little easier.

12. Samurai
Her large armor piece and two katana swords are great indicators that you have found the Samurai.

13. Disco Diva
Her large afro hair along with her skates and microphone are some of the things you should feel for when looking for her.

14. Hot Dog Man
The hot dog costume is the only thing you should feel far during your search for him.

15. Lady Cyclops
There aren’t much that differentiates the Lady Cyclops from the other minifigures in this wave but the spiked club and headpiece are somewhat helpful.

16. Galaxy Trooper
If you’ve searched for similar troopers in previous minifigure series before, you’ll know what to feel for. The space armor and blasters are staples in finding these guys.

For those who’ve been that this for a while, you can probably find them pretty easily without much help. For those who are new at this, hopefully this guide can help you find all the Series 13 Minifigures (71008) that you are looking to get. Good luck!

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