In light of Team BTTF’s Jules Verne Train getting 10,000 supporters on their project, there is another creator on LEGO CUUSOO who also has some Back to the Future projects hoping to achieve what Team BTTF has done three times already and that person is Orion Pax, aka Alex Jones. If you’re fans of LEGO MOCs, you may have heard of Orion’s name since we’ve featured him on the site a few times before. On CUUSOO, he has listed a number of projects themed with “2015” which is the 30th anniversary of the first Back to the Future movie.

One of those projects is the Nike MAG that Marty wore in the second film. These particular shoes are confirmed to be re-released by Nike next year with power laces. Orion’s other BTTF projects include various buildings from Back to the Future II such as the Cafe 80s, the cinema showing Jaws 19, the Texaco station, and the iconic Hill Valley Courthouse.

Go check out these projects and support them if you like what you see. Also remember that Team BTTF also has some other neat projects that you can support as well. Overall, it’s cool to see that many fans are embracing the fact that a renowned movie like Back to the Future will be reaching its 30th anniversary and are creating things that bring back memories of when we first saw the movie and hopes that fans like us can actually have one of these sets in our hands.

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