LEGO Dimensions Expansions Packs Announced

LEGO Dimensions

Coming off the reveals of the new LEGO Dimensions Starter Packs, there are now details of additional expansion packs to go along with it including:

  • LEGO Back to the Future Level Pack with Marty McFly minifigure and Hoverboard
  • LEGO Ninjago Team Pack with Kai and Cole minifigures
  • Three LEGO Ninjago Fun Packs with Jay, Nya and Zane minifigures
  • Two LEGO DC Comics Fun Packs with Wonder Woman and Cyborg minifigures
  • Three LEGO The Lord of the Rings Fun Packs with Gollum, Gimli, and Legolas minifigures
  • Four LEGO The Lego Movie Fun packs with Emmet, Bad Cop, Benny and Unikitty characters
  • LEGO The Wizard of Oz Fun Pack with a Lego Wicked Witch of the West minifigure

The LEGO The Wizard of Oz Fun Pack will be the first official release of the theme/minifigures after the project failed pass the LEGO CUUSOO Review Stage. There will also be more expansions packs for LEGO Dimensions announced as we get closer to the September 27 launch date and more expansion packs will be available in 2016.

You can now start pre-ordering everything on Amazon. The Starter Packs are $99.99 while the Fun Packs are $14.99 each. The Team Pack go for $24.99 each and the Level Packs are $29.99 each.

LEGO Dimensions

LEGO Dimensions

LEGO Dimensions Back to the Future Level Pack (71201)

LEGO Dimensions Back to the Future Level Pack (71201)

LEGO Dimensions Ninjago Team Pack (71207)

LEGO Dimensions DC Comics Wonder Woman Fun Pack (71209)

LEGO Dimensions DC Comics Cyborg Fun Pack (71210)

LEGO Dimensions The LEGO Movie Bad Cop Fun Pack (71213)

LEGO Dimensions The LEGO Movie Benny Fun Pack (71214)

LEGO Dimensions Ninjago Jay Fun Pack (71215)

LEGO Dimensions Ninjago Nya Fun Pack (71216)

LEGO Dimensions Ninjago Zane Fun Pack (71217)

LEGO Dimensions Lord of the Rings Gollum Fun Pack (71218)

LEGO Dimensions Lord of the Rings Legolas Fun Pack (71219)

LEGO Dimensions Lord of the Rings Gimli Fun Pack(71220)

LEGO Dimensions Wizard of Oz Fun Pack (71221)

LEGO Dimensions The LEGO Movie Unikitty Fun Pack (71231)

LEGO Dimensions

LEGO Dimensions

LEGO Dimensions

LEGO Dimensions

LEGO Dimensions

LEGO Dimensions

LEGO Dimensions

LEGO Dimensions

LEGO Dimensions

  • George Monthaer

    Can u use figures from Lego sets? Do the figures that come in the packs come of the stand or are they glued on? Crazy announcement

    • I’m not sure about the stand but I think they are glued on.

    • Jack

      I don’t think you can use othere minifig. It works with a chip that is in the base that unlocks contents already in the game, not with the minifig and not adding content on the fly. I don’t think minifigs are glued, that would be silly …

    • Sarah

      Nope. The game would have no clue what you’re telling it to use without the technical stuff in the Dimension figure’s base.

  • Camomile

    Well uh… three Ninjago packs but no for Chima and Elves???

    • These are just the initial ones. There will be more revealed as we get closer to the release date and there will also be more expansions next year. Chima might not be released considering the theme is finished after the summer wave however there’s a possibility of an Elves one though.

      • Thatoneguy69

        They are definitely going to release a Simpsons pack it just makes sense
        And also a Simpsons pack would be amazing! Screw China if we get Simpsons

        • Jason Normand

          depends on who has the video game rights to simpsons. toy right and video game rights are usually separate. which likely explains why we get BTTF and Wizard of Oz, neither of which are on any kids radar.

    • Jason Normand

      Chima is done, its already been canned. Elves is a miss though.

  • chewymurphy

    Do you think the figures will come off the base?

    • I have a feeling they won’t come off. If you look at the bases, they have insignias for each character so the RFID chip has to correspond to that minifigure.

      • Aanchir

        I think the insignias on the bases are a strong indication that they WILL come off the bases. After all, the most likely purpose of the insignias is a reminder of which base goes with which figure, since that data is probably locked in.

        The vehicle bases are all generic, but we KNOW those are brick-built thanks to the piece count of the Ninjago Team Pack. My brother speculates that the vehicle bases might serve a similar purpose to the crystals in Skylanders Trap Team — instead of having preloaded data FOR the game, you could load them with data FROM the game, so you could rebuild the vehicles in the game, load them into the bases for later use, and rebuild the physical vehicles to match.

      • Thatoneguy69

        Or the chip is in the base so fig won’t matter 😛 that would be a better move financially for then people who don’t have the game and want the figs will be able to use the figs they buy

        • Lumyo Pritchard

          it wouldn’t because there are the lego movie sets, which have the same bases, so you might get confused with what character you are using, so joshua mcdaniel is right i’d say 😀

      • Joshua Mcdaniel

        That may not be the case as each set says it is a “building toy” and shows how many pieces each pack has. The bases will most likely be used to scan which Character you are placing on the board. The Lego character on top will be placed on top of the base for decoration/knowing which character it is.

    • Tim van der Meij

      I think they totally will; if you look at the base for Unikitty, you can see an exposed foot stud because her legs are different!

  • MiguelCamilo

    I don’t know about anybody else but I’m getting back to the future pack just for the hover board

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  • Ethan

    I’ll bet the figures are removable. The chip is in the base, not the character, and the guy rebuilds the bat-mobile in the video, so if those pieces come off the base, the characters probably do too. Their names printed on the base is probably so you don’t mix up which is which.

  • Dylan

    I really hope that hoverboard comes off. I’m probably not going to get the game but instead just get the BTTF set.

  • b00sted

    i dont see all the fun packs on amazon, am I missing something?

  • Karina Arguello

    I wish these weren’t so dang pricey. 94 pieces at 29.99?!

    • Yea. You’re mostly paying for the base that has the RFID technology but that hoverboard though!

  • 79Productions

    Can you scan the figs into the game? Cos’ that seems to be the case.

  • ScoobyDoo1969

    I just noticed that in right hand corner of the box there is what looks like the mansion from the Scooby Doo set. So I guess that’s a good sign there could be some Scooby Doo figures

    • Possibly. There’s probably a lot more themes that LEGO has under wraps for now.

  • Chris Yates

    soooooo cool. I hope everything’s customizable

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