Earlier today, Disney vice president of of production John Vignocchi did an interview with IGN at E3 and he was asked if Star Wars was ever going to be in LEGO Dimensions and not surprisingly, the answer was an adamant no.

Don’t count on it.

Since Star Wars was announced to be released on Infinity 3.0 yesterday, it was pretty much guaranteed that the theme would not be coming to LEGO Dimensions. Vignocchi notes that “introducing Star Wars to LEGO Dimensions would cannibalize the Disney Infinity business. Good for everyone except Disney Infinity.” I pretty much said the same thing in April when I was speculating on possible LEGO Dimensions themes. Vignocchi also stated that the licensees of Infinity don’t want to mix franchises which is pretty much what LEGO Dimensions is doing.

With the exclusion of Star Wars as a theme for LEGO Dimensions, I really don’t see fans being that disappointed because Dimensions is already filled with many different characters from a lot of themes including some new ones like Portal 2, Wizard of Oz, and Doctor Who.

There have been readers who have asked the same question about Marvel being in LEGO Dimensions and the answer will probably be the same as Star Wars since Disney owns them as well.

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