You can now pre-order some of the new LEGO Dimensions expansion packs that were recently revealed but got official images today. There are also descriptions of what is included in the sets. They all have a September 27 release date which is the same day LEGO Dimensions itself launches. This means we don’t have to wait to get that coveted LEGO Chell Portal minifigure.

LEGO Dimensions Simpsons Level Pack (71202) – $29.99

Includes: Homer, Taunt-o-Vision and Homer’s Car

LEGO Dimensions Portal Level Pack (71203) – $29.99

Includes: Chell, Sentry Turret and Companion Cube

LEGO Dimensions Jurassic World Team Pack (71205) – $24.99

Includes: Owen & ACU, Gyrosphere and Velociraptor

LEGO Dimensions Simpsons Bart Fun Pack (71211) – $14.99

Includes: Bart and Gravity Sprinter

LEGO Dimensions Simpsons Krusty Fun Pack (71227) – $14.99

Includes: Kristy and Clown Bike

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