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Beyond the Brick LEGO: Reimagined Building Contest

Beyond the Brick is celebrating 60 years of the LEGO brick as well and they have an awesome contest to send a lucky fan to Billund, Denmark to attend Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2018 and the LEGO House. They want you to create a custom MOC and incorportate it into an official LEGO set. It must be small enough to fit a suitcase as it will also be displayed at Skærbæk. For the prizes, the grand prize winner will get:

– Roundtrip airfare to Billund (September 26, 2018 – October 2, 2018)
– Complimentary meals during the duration of the trip
– Lodging with the Beyond the Brick team
– Transportation to Skærbæk Fan Weekend to/from the LEGO House
– Registration to Skærbæk Fan Weekend and space to display the creation
– Entry to the LEGO House

There are also prizes for the second and third place winners. Second place gets a copy of the LEGO House (21037) and the LEGO House Tree of Creativity (4000026) while the third place winner gets a copy of the LEGO House (21037).

Head on over to Beyond the Brick’s Flickr Group to see the full list of contest rules.


LEGO House Tour from Beyond the Brick

LEGO House

After four long years of planning and construction, the LEGO House has officially opened in Billund but last week over 600 AFOLs had a chance to visit before the ceremonial opening yesterday. One of these AFOLs who was able to attend was Joshua Hanlon from Beyond the Brick and they have released a new video giving us a thorough tour of what to expect at the LEGO House. If you aren’t going to Denmark anytime soon, this video is a great way to check out LEGO’s newest attraction without leaving your home.


Help Beyond the Brick Get to BrickLive Birmingham

Our friends over at Beyond the Brick, who have just hit 100,000 subscribers, who are known for filming various LEGO conventions across the US and interviewing members of the LEGO community.

For one of their future projects, they’re looking to expand their coverage and attend BrickLive Birmingham in the UK at the end of October. They’re currently running a KickStarter to fund their trip overseas to film one of the largest LEGO conventions on the other side of the Atlantic.

For some of the KickStarter rewards, they’ve enlisted some builders in the community to create LEGO builds as part of the reward for certain pledge levels such as John Matz, Chris McVeigh, and Tyler Clites, just to name a few. This will be on top of the DVD you’ll be receiving of the show which won’t be posted to their YouTube channel.

They have about 24 left on the KickStarter as of this writing and they’ve already gathered a quarter of the goal so they’re off to a great start. Let’s keep it up and get Beyond the Brick to the UK.


Beyond the Brick BrickCon 2015 Kickstarter Project

Our friends over on Beyond the Brick is known for their interviews of various AFOLs in the community, which I’ve had the honor to be a part of, are planning to go to BrickCon 2015 in Seattle. They haven’t had a chance to make it out there yet and they’re looking for your help to make that a reality. If you haven’t seen it yet, their coverage of BrickWorld Chicago 2015 and BrickFair Virginia 2015 were top notch as usual and they hope BrickCon 2015 will be the same or better.

They’ve set up a Kickstarter with some cool pledge rewards including a digital copy of the BrickCon 2015 DVD at the $15 level and up, custom Smurf minifigures, and custom builds. Plus there are some stretch goals if they make it past their original goal.

Head on over to the Kickstarter project to show your support and if you’re attending BrickCon next month, you might even see yourself in the the DVD when it comes out.


Brickworld Chicago 2015 Recap with Beyond the Brick

Brickworld Chicago 2015 is over and done and our friends at Beyond the Brick, as usual, has done a comprehensive recap of the whole event. If you weren’t able to attend or want to relive the memories there, the team has over a 3 hour playlist of videos dedicated to various builds that were on display including a 2 hour long guided tour of this year’s Brickworld if you have some time to check that out. Thanks to Beyond the Brick for their continued coverage for fans who weren’t able to attend.


Beyond the Brick Brickworld Chicago 2015 Kickstarter Project

Beyond the Brick is planning on going to Brickworld Chicago for their annual coverage and the team has a Kickstarter project going to help them raise funds their DVD with exclusive coverage. What’s neat about their KickStarters is that they have teamed up with some well-known builders in the LEGO community for rewards at certain level of pledges including:

  • Custom minifigure by Shilo Parker from ChocoBricks Customs
  • Batman character sketch by Chris McVeigh
  • Castle and Space LEGO pop-up book by Grant Davis
  • Custom build by Tyler Clites aka Legohaulic
  • There are also various stretch goals if the project reaches a certain level which you can read more about in the link above.


Beyond the Brick Brickworld Chicago 2014 Kickstarter Project

Our friends over at Beyond the Brick are going to be attending Brickworld Chicago 2014 in June and they have a Kickstarter project going to help raise funds for them to produce a high quality DVD. The money that is raised will allow the crew to have updated equipment, supplies for the DVD, and the rewards that will be sent out to backers.

  • We’ve also partnered with some luminaries of the LEGO community to offer you a slew of special rewards!
  • Limited edition LEGO Batman comic signed by LEGO comic artist Paul Lee.
  • Two micro castle builds by the talented David Frank and Alice Finch.
  • Have your character rendered in the brick by Iain Heath aka “Ochre Jelly.”

Since they have already reached the base goal of $1,000, there are also stretch goals and rewards such as a Frog Pod by Simon Liu and skulls by Guy Himber of Crazy Bricks.

So what will be included on the DVD?

  • Over 2 hours of high quality edited videos from the Brickworld convention floor
  • One on one interviews with some of the world’s most talented LEGO builders
  • A guided tour of the the whole Brickworld Chicago convention hall
  • Creative LEGO building technique ideas from some of the world’s top builders
  • Video coverage of different convention events like the speed-build and the LEGO grand prix
  • Get an inside peek into how builders prepare and set up for Brickworld Chicago
  • Plus anything and everything else that catches our eye at the convention

For more information, head over to the … Continue

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