If you have one of the new LEGO Ideas WALL·E (21303) sets, you may have found that the head is too top-heavy and swings backwards when you tilt it up or down. This diminishes any poses that you may want it to have. LEGO has since delayed the release of the set and is making corrections to it. However the parts that they will be including only support the neck more and not the head itself.

LEGO photographer Chris McVeigh has posted a modification for the head to allow it to be more stable. The parts that are needed are Beam 2M W. Ball ظ 10.2 (4289258) and Brick 2X2 W. Cup For Ball (4524353) which is the typical ball and socket joint. It allows the head to fully swing around while also being able to stay in place as well. The result of this mod can be seen below at one of Chris’ pictures. Check out the full guide over on his website.

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