Not even a day after we got images of the 2014 LEGO The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug sets, there is already news for the LEGO Lord of the Rings sets. BlackTiger13 on Eurobricks has seen some preliminary images and has given the names of five sets in the next wave as well as some descriptions of them. He also notes that the images he’s seen is from “someone who works on the sets” but is not allowed to show them because the person who worked on them would be in trouble (obviously). We’re a little skeptical about the information but it is some news so feel free to discuss.

The Mirror of Galadriel – Includes Frodo in a plain shirt and Galadriel. There is a small mirror and a statue. – $12.99

Amon Hen Ambush – Includes 2 Uruk Hai, Boromir, and what he believes is Merry. Small set of steps and the palantir tower. – $25.99

The Defence of Osgiliath – Includes 2 Orcs, a Gondor Knight, and maybe a Ranger. Small orc boat and ruins. – $40.00

Witch King Showdown – Includes the Witch King, Theoden, a Rider of Rohan (Eowyn), a white horse, and a Nazgul. Also includes a Fellbeast and small grassy area. – $60.00

The Battle of Minas Tirith – Includes Gandalf, 2 Gondor Knights, maybe 4 Orcs, a troll, and possibly Pippen. Set has 1 large gate at ground level, 2 smaller levels with a small house and the citadel. Also includes an orc catapult outside the city. – $120.00