Alex Jones, aka Orion Pax, continues to show off his creations of 80’s themes and he has finally completed his custom LEGO sets and minifigures based on the Masters of the Universe franchise. He has been working hard the past several months to create high quality sets and he was even invited to Grayskull Con 2013 to present the sets to the creator of the Masters of the Universe, Mark Taylor. As you can see below, Alex has also created a full-sized replica of He-Man’s Power Sword and Battle Axe. If you’ve been following Orion, you will know the quality level of his creations are unparalleled and as a kid from the 80’s, his creation gave me goosebumps. Head over to his site to check out high resolution images of all the minifigures as well as the sets and vehicles including Castle Grayskull.

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