There are now images of some of the 2018 LEGO Ninjago sets featuring the next storyline, Sons of Garmadon. We first heard about the storyline at SDCC during the summer and now we get to see some of the sets for it. I’ll keep this post updated as more images are available including the box art.

Kai – Spinjitzu Master (70633)

LEGO Ninjago Kai - Spinjitzu Master (70633)

Nya – Spinjitzu Master (70634)

LEGO Ninjago Nya - Spinjitzu Master (70634)

Jay – Spinjitzu Master (70635)

LEGO Ninjago Jay - Spinjitzu Master (70635)

Zane – Spinjitzu Master (70636)

LEGO Ninjago Zane - Spinjitzu Master (70636)

Cole – Spinjitzu Master (70637)

LEGO Ninjago Cole - Spinjitzu Master (70637)

Katana VII (70638)

LEGO Ninjago Katana VII (70638)

Street Race of Snake Jaguar (70639)

LEGO Ninjago Street Race of Snake Jaguar (70639)

S.O.G. Headquarters (70640)

LEGO Ninjago S.O.G. Headquarters (70640)

Ninja Nightcrawler (70641)

LEGO Ninjago Ninja Nightcrawler (70641)

Klow vs. Samurai X (70642)

LEGO Ninjago Killow vs. Samurai X (70642)

Temple of Resurrection (70643)

LEGO Ninjago Temple of Resurrection (70643)

**Via Brickset

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